Army at the magic Kingdom

Started by flor, March 24, 2004, 07:22:52 AM

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Due to fear for any attacks, the French gouvernment has decided to put some soldiers nearby DLRP for the safety of the guests. Will this not keep guests away from the park. Or is this some publicity to the park?


Hmm.. it looks really strange to see soldiers patrolling before Disneyland. I think they may frighten some visitors.. Still the responsible persons probably had to do something (terrorist attacks were also announced in France..)
So, if something happened they could at least say: We have increased security measures.. Nevertheless it almost seems to be impossible to avoid an incident if someone really plans one..

I feel so sad about all those terrorist attacks..  :(  :(


I agree with you. If someone plans to attack DLRP, they will succeed.
In my opinion the soldiers can't scan every detail of everybody just to avoid some arms/ bombs. (I think)


Welcome to the 21st century...


Well, when I visited DLRP in 2000, there were a lot of police boys patroling near the station with guns in their hands...


We should not forget that France was in this "Fight Against Terror" long before September 11. ... Does anybody remember the terrorist assault on a Parisian metro station back in the 90's?

And don't forget that there's a very GOOD reason that all those nice lockers below Main Street Station are not used anymore...