Original Disney Fan Artwork!

Started by anthonysprincess, April 30, 2008, 10:20:14 PM

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This is a place to post any kind of original fanart for Disney!

RULES: PLEASE be respectful of others' art and do not copy and repost ANYWHERE on the internet or anything like that without their express permission and also do NOT claim as your own anywhere!

Please, only your own artwork, noone else's unless you have their express permission and give them credit.

OK I will start us off with my own original creation and a little backstory...

My best friend and I decided we should create our superhero alter-egos one day and me being the resident artist, I was assigned the task of drawing them. I got a little lazy about the hand-drawing and never finished it, but I did complete my designs through pixel-art dolls and my alter-ego is named the "Mad Smasher" for lack of a better name really...lol...but I believe it is rather obvious which beloved Disney character she is based on, and of course that is me under that fabulous costume
((( base body credit: http://www.pixtoki.com )))


Nice Picture.  So did you pixel it dot by dot?


Quote from: "Alpop"Nice Picture.  So did you pixel it dot by dot?
Yes I did I used pixtoki's base, a base is basically a naked doll body with a basic face but no hair and I drew the rest pixel-by-pixel. It's a little tedious but I love this stuff! I used to have a website of it but it is now defunct. I hope I used that word right. lol. But I'm hoping to possibly start one up again...
Oh I just remembered I have another Disney doll but this one isn't nearly as good:
((( base body credit: http://www.yumestudio.it/angychan/ )))
It's supposed to be Tinkerbell of course but in Lolita style

( If someone doesn't know what Lolita style is, it's my favourite style of clothes and a good example is http://www.babyssb.co.jp )

and here's a photo of one of my famous displays back when I was a manager at the Build-A-Bear Workshop (I think this counts?)
I wanted to do one based on Disney World/Disneyland
As you might be able to see there is a castle in the background...
both Sleeping Beauty Bear and Snow White Bear are signing autograph books
Tink is flying over the castle a la Wishes
One of the tourists is taking a picture of Snow White on her camera phone and if you look closely there is even a pic of SW on the screen of the phone! Genius I know.
LOL all this is done using only props sold at BABW!

If anyone has their own fan art please don't be shy! Post!!!



Not very good, but just a little doodle I did when I watched the dvd "Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas"


Quote from: "MinniesBestPal"//http://little-cuddly-bear.deviantart.com/art/Minnie-in-Belles-on-ice-73515383

Not very good, but just a little doodle I did when I watched the dvd "Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas"
aww that is very cute!


Thanks! I paused the dvd to get a drink, and when I came back I realised I'd paused it in a spot that I wanted to draw!


I started such a topic about... well, 2 years ago :mrgreen:

[size=85]1992 - Disneyland Paris - 1-day-trip
2000 - Disneyland Paris - Santa Fe
2004 - Disneyland Resort Paris - Cheyenne
2005 - Disneyland Resort Paris - Santa Fe
2007 - Disneyland Resort Paris - Newport BayClub
2008 - Disneyland Resort Paris - Sequoia Lodge
2009 - Walt Disney World


I'm working on a drawing of Snow White and the dwarves at the moment.... Trouble is it's progressing very slowly because I'm so busy right now I don't have time to sit drawing (although I'd like to!  :mrgreen: ) It's been in progress for about six weeks and so far all I've managed to do completely is Snow White, Doc and Dopey... and I've made the smallest of starts on Grumpy... Nevertheless when it's finally finished I'll scan it and post it so you can all see it!  :)



Nala_84 i looked a your old post your stuff is great! do you have anything new to post?
when i finish some new stuff i will post again as well
n snow_white_girl im really excited to see that drawing it sounds good! =D>


In the absence of the Snow White drawing, thought I'd put this up in the meantime! This was tonight's effort, most of the pictures were copied from brochures (incidentally that Disneyland logo is damn hard to get right!!).. I don't claim to be able to draw in any way by the way, just thought I'd share it with you all!  :-" It does need some colour I'll admit but I don't have any colouring pencils with me at university - I should probably buy some!! I literally just had to work with what I had, which was rubbish-quality printer paper, basic stationery and a black fibre-tip pen! Still think it turned out OK though! (I've also had to compress it cos the file size was too big for the attachment :()



very nice! keep it up! i will be drawing more once I get to England, right now Im so darn busy preparing n such. I realllly love the pic of chip n dale with the at awwww and you did the lettering really well!


Thanks! The Chip and Dale pic was soooo cute in the brochure I've got - that's what inspired the whole drawing hehe :wink: I'm amazed they came out looking anything like they're supposed to because they were so little and fiddly to try and copy! I bought some colouring pencils today so I'm adding colour to the drawing as we speak! :)


Captain Pan

I saw this topic and just thought I'd pop these ones in...


I say they're not the greatest but something to keep me occupied when there's nothing to do.


Just been looking over the artwork here, and there is quite a bit of it really good, so much so I think this topic might just grow, maybe even to the point of suggesting a Disney Homemade Artwork section.  :o

We'll just have to see how it expands, no doubt to be overlooked by the admin and mods.  :wink:


aww those tarzans are soooooo cute