Hollywood Walk of Frame Gallery

Started by Anthony, April 28, 2008, 06:32:01 PM

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Hollywood Walk of 'Frame' Gallery

Instead of 'Walk of Fame'... get it? *sigh..*

Hollywood Studio, Walt Disney Studios Park. There are a few options, either beyond the berm of STT, next to CinéMagique or - the best option - right in the middle of Place des Stars as part of Theatre District (see number 2 on this map).

The Story
The moviemakers of Hollywood are putting on a special art show of rare and unique concept art from classic films. This is a 'La Cabane' or 'Nautilus' for the Studios, an indoor gallery of concept art and storyboards from the latest and greatest Walt Disney Studios films.

The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Chronicles of Narnia and more. There could even be a spot at the end for constantly changing art from the latest upcoming films. Infact, the whole walkthrough would be easy to change with every new film and the theme is wide enough that it could also include real costumes and props to go alongside the artwork. Those windows on STT where you see the real movie costumes are great, but it'd be nice to get more than a split-second to see that stuff.

The concept art on the new Prince Caspian website inspired this: http://www2.disney.co.uk/DisneyMovies/narnia/
Example: http://www.narniaweb.com/gall/3184.jpg

A lot of people might think the crew just turn up and start filming, they don't realise even live action films have a lot of artwork and storyboarding behind them. This attraction would be a cheap but very interesting filler, a Hollywood sister for Art of Disney Animation.

The exterior would be a cross between these two old movie palaces, which have a styling that almost resembles classic picture frames. The theatre would have been out of operation for quite some time, but now running as a gallery. It could fit into the middle of Theatre District. Maybe the walkthrough could lead you through the various areas of a movie theatre, from the lobby to the projection room?

You'd step in right off the street, although maybe some red rope could cordon off a section if it gets busy.

If Hollywood allow it, they could even start their own Walk of Disney Fame outside, honouring the winners of the Disney Legends awards with a permanent tribute in the park.

Since we're getting ambitious, why not actually have glass in those large windows at the front and open a top floor restaurant, like Walts? This could finally give the studios some table service. If it was build in the middle of Place des Stars, you'd have an amazing view across to Tower of Terror. This would be a serious earner, and would support the building of the gallery below.


Great idea Baloo!!  :D
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Like that idea! It´s always a bit sad for me that all the beautiful concepts, modells etc. getting a bit "lost" after the movie is in the cinemas around the world.

Would be a great attraction for me!
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I like your idea very much and makes me wonder why they haven't included such a cheap addition in the park during phase 1 of construction. However, there are several locations for such an exhibition.

Even Backlot can be considered when the Studio Tram Tour station would be relocated to this area. Especially when you create an exhibit at the end of the Studio Tram Tour, where guests have to walk through (imagine the exit of Armageddon) its could work well.

Besides, the area between Disney Channel (I won't use the Television Production Tour name from now on :wink: ) and Cinemagique could work aswell, although I would like to see Disney to build an attraction overthere that fits in more with the Theater District aspect. But ofcourse, an exhibit like you mentioned would fit in aswell. Especially since Soarin' would be very crammed between the Disney Channel and Cinemagique buildings, another option should be considered for this space, like your exhibit attraction. However, in my opinion, a building in a similar style as Playhouse Disney in DCA (inspired by some old ABC Studios if I remember correctly) would compliment the area better since it has the same 50s art deco inspired elements as Disney Channel.

Your movie theatre idea sounds excellent when it would be located on the Hollywood Boulevard area of the park.

In my opinion Place des Stars should get some old fashioned lampposts (like at Tower of Terror or Hollywood Studio in DCA -> look at Raptor's California tripreport for example) with banners attached to it. In my vision, these banners should show pics of famous moviestars in their heydays together with a famous quote for example. Together with new planters, benches, tropical plants and a vinatge car for example it should do the trick. However, your Disney Legend's idea would work really well on the floor of Place des Stars in my opinion, as an homage to the people behind the magic. Great idea.

By the way, I suddenly realize I quite mis the Stars on the Set on the paradepoles throughout the park. Although the poles looked way to empty back then compared to nowadays when they are decorated with movieposters, I would like the Star on the Set exhibition to return in one way or another. I always enjoyed to read some of the stories, and pics of Alfred Hitchcock, Romy Schneider and Walt Disney with Pinnochio gave the park some charisma. It would be cool to get some of these iconic faces and stories behind the camera's back. :)


Thanks for all the feedback Maarten.

I never thought about including it as part of Studio Tram Tour. That'd be perfect, especially if they also expanded the tour with some scenes inspired by Pirates and Narnia. It'd be nice to get off the tram and not be thrown straight back into the park but get a better look at what goes into the making of the films by going through some kind of real building.

You're right about the Stars on the Set exhibition. As good as WDS has recently become, it still needs more of a proper tribute to those famous faces, something to make it seem a bit more glamorous and closer to Hollywood.