Disney Studio 1 Billboard - Refurbishment complete!

Started by Kristof, August 07, 2005, 01:24:45 AM

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Well I don't like it or the idea of putting on the gates, what's wrong with the construction wall in ANIMATION courtyard?  It could easily fit there and make a lot more sense unless they place it on studio1 expecting people to see a poster and come running which I highly doubt works :lol: .

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A Cars photo-set will open near La' Terrace later in the year.

This plan was changed - obviously!  :lol:


Quote from: "Poppy The Monkey"A Cars photo-set will open near La' Terrace later in the year.

Ow no... not another photoloaction. I am getting tired of it now, I have seen enough of them. The number of photolocation is good as it is right now, don't create an overkill please. And besides that, I didn't even mention the ill chosen spot for this Cars photolocation. And when you take the ugly Cars billboard at Studio 1 into consideration... who is reseposible for these bad choices?!  :x

The Butlin Boy

Happy 1st Birthday Billboard! =D>
Quote from: "DLRP Today"Birthday wishes, Bill!

 On this most special occasion, I'd like to send a shout out to someone very close to all of us who is officially celebrating their 1st birthday today. It was exactly 12 months ago to this day that the first signs of a new arrival became clear at Disney Studio 1 in Walt Disney Studios Park, and over one Summer night the day-to-day life of Front Lot was changed forever...

It began with scaffolding, building and building, higher and higher... Was it a refurbishment? Was it a set of gallows for Michael Eisner? No and no - it was a record-breaking new attraction for the Studios! One of the biggest billboards in all of France! Originally celebrating the release of Chicken Little, by 3rd April 2006 the little Billboard had grown in size further and changed his affections to Pixar's Cars. Still towering over Front Lot after 12 months, the future of the billboard seems uncertain. With no major animted Walt Disney Pictures release for many months, what are we to expect? 'Cars' could stay until the DVD release of the movie. It could even stay until June 2007, when the 'Cars Race Rally' attraction actually opens at the park.

Whatever the future holds in store, happy birthday, Billboard! You've brought us more respect than ever before for the elegance and beauty of Front Lot!



Happy birthday?! :D
Remember Dreams Come True! \":mickey2:\"

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Lol, I was in a very sarcastic mood when I wrote that...

I think it is worth pointing out the billboard has been there for a year though.  A year!  That's too long...

Lightning McQueen

The billboard might cover a beautiful part of the studios but I believe that it won't be there forever.I like the giant poster of Cars to be honest,not strange of course with a username like mine. :D
Lightning McQueen

Miss Tinkerbell

Does someone know if the cars one was the last??? Or is this for keeps from now on??


*sigh* Still there...

When will this end?! :(


I don't like the billboard!
The first one with chicken little was okay, because it was removed quickly and it was a nice gag. Also there was the piece of sky on the ground. The Cars board is just a very big picture and it in my opinion it looks not even very good.
The movie is not the newest, so please please please remove it ;)

Perhaps they will remove it later and put a 5 years celebration board there.
This would be okay, but please not again an advertisement!
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The Butlin Boy

It looks like the cars billboard will be stay for a while to come because they have updated it to promote the DVD.

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Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, for how long do they want to torture us?!?!?!?


That's just awful.

I want to know what DLRP are getting out of this... money? Free use of the license?  Advertisements in the DVD in return?  The old one was at least a "hey, this pixar film is coming soon!", whereas this is screaming "BUY THE DAMN DVD OR ELSE!" as if BV Home Entertainment are holding a gun to DLRP's head.

It suddenly looks a whole lot more likely that the billboard will switch again to Cars Quatre Roues Rallye next year...  :cry:


BVHE pays a lot of money to DLRP for these billboards.


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