Disney Studio 1 Billboard - Refurbishment complete!

Started by Kristof, August 07, 2005, 01:24:45 AM

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Quote from: "Kinou"This will happen, but in a nicer way i hope, they plan to erect a facade reproduction of the city of the movie tht will hide the Construction fields.
That would be fantastic!!!  The town from Chicken Little looks so unique, detailed and very very toon-ish - exactly what WDS needs.  From seeing stills of it it even reminds me a lot of Toon Town.

I actually hope Chicken Little is a huge success not only because it would be good for Disney, but because we might get a permenant street set of Chicken Little's town.

I'm still not liking the Studio 1 billboard btw, it hasn't grown on me like things such as the Kids Carnival decorations did...  :(

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Yes, as can be seen in our Disney World trip photos.  :wink:

The inflatable Chicken Little was just there in the beginning.

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Sorry, I didn't know.


The billboard on Frontlot currently advertising Chicken Little will be replaced by one of Pixar's Cars at the end of this month.  :(

Source: La Rouquine at Disney Central Plaza forum



I can't wait for Cars, but a billboard?!  Nooooooooooo!  At least having Chicken Little was in keeping with the in-the-face style of that movie, but I really don't know what kind of billboard they could have for Cars.

IMO they should have a billboard for Cars somewhere in Backlot (if they even need one at all).


It-is-time!  :D

Finally, they are removing the Chicken Little billboard. Get ready for Cars.  :?

Source: "EricLovesTZTOT" at the Disney Central Plaza Forum: //http://disneycentralplaza.aceboard.fr/931-3467-86978-4-Embellissement-Studios-continue.htm


I don't know whether to cheer or not!  I guess it's better than having the Chicken for another 6 months though...  :) *tries as hard as possible to be positive*

Covering up such a lovely building with such a cheap advertisement is still a VERY odd idea though.


Quote from: "Baloo"Covering up such a lovely building with such a cheap advertisement is still a VERY odd idea though.

I completly agree with you. But like you already pointed out, it's better that they remove the current Chicken Little billboard instead of leaving it there for 6 additional months. Although I would rather see no billboard at all, I would like to see a new Cars one insteed of this outdated thing.  :?


Can you believe it, they're making the billboard scaffolding BIGGER...



I wonder what design the billboard will have?  Maybe it'll be a bit like the main Cars poster: viewtopic.php?p=6528#6528  :?:

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Looks like the chicken got bird flu! :D


Well the Cars billboard has arrived...

source: DCP/dlrp.fr

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I'm going to be controversial here, and declare that I actually quite like it.

There is more to it that the chicken little one, and it draws you into the studios, looking at this..

Could of been worse, we were thinking it was going to be a plain black banner with the cars logo on it.


If it were anywhere other than in front of Studio 1, then it'd be beautiful.  But the way its placed there it just looks... awful.

I'm sorry, I hate being negative, but *why* do they need to do this?  They know the Studios needs to be made prettier, so why do they ruin the best part?

The poster would look better if it went all the way to the ground, or if it filled up the space in between the doors as well.  It's a really nice poster artwork, yes, but it's so badly placed into that space.

The Chicken Little was was rubbish too, but at least it wasn't as high, and it fit snugly into the middle section of the facade.  This one is too tall, meaning it just looks very unprofessional, and IMO not even as good as the horrible Chicken Little one.

With a cut-down Good Morning Walt Disney Studios and this horrible thing, I'm definitely not looking forward to visiting the studios as much anymore...


Ok, so here's a suggestion.  They obviously want the poster to draw people into the park, so why not put it on the front gate instead?  They could make it look quite professional:

(ignore my dodgy photoshopping, lol)

Don't you think that that would be so much better?  Ok, so you lose the gate, but it's better than ruining the whole of front lot.  It would also be way more effective in both advertising the film and drawing people into the studios.

I forgot to moan about this before, but don't you think it's a bit cheeky putting a massive billboard up for Cars, when *nothing* to do with the film is featured inside the park?  At least with Chicken Little they had the meet n greet film set.  Either they're advertising Radiator Spings Spinout early, or this is the kind of over-the-top Disney synergy I hoped we'd never see in DLRP.

At least we can be happy we never got the inflatable Chicken, I suppose...