[EDV] 50 Years of Glory: River Keelboats

Started by Kristof, August 06, 2005, 10:17:02 PM

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The River Keelboats used to sail the waters of Thunder Mesa for many years since DLRP's opening day.  They're a tradition in Disney Themeparks and were already present in Disneyland Anaheim in it's opening year.  

Disneyland Resort Paris guests would board the Raccoon or the Coyote and sail the waters of Thunder Mesa around Big Thunder Mountain and Wilderness Island, and get a close view on the Smuglers Cove.

DLRP's Coyote

The Mike Fink River Keelboats at Disneyland Anaheim (named after a character in Disney's Davy Crocket) were closed down in 1997, due to an incident with one of the keelboats which dunked a boatload of guests into the water.  Keelboats got sold on eBay or reappeared as a prop several years later.

The Mike Fink River Keelboats

There are many rumours why the River Keelboats in Paris aren't in use anymore.  Many say it's too expensive to run, while others say it's for safety reasons.  Many fans couldn't believe their eyes when the Coyote was recently used to rescue guests from the burning Molly Brown, several months ago.  According to Cast Members, a River Keelboat Race is sheduled for castmembers in the summer.  All clear signs that they are still seaworthy and ready to transport guests on the Rivers of the Far West...

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