Virtual Safari

Started by experiment627, January 17, 2004, 06:23:29 PM

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Let me just say that I can't stand the "cheapquels" altogether... I think they are a disgrace to the wonderful movies they are based on...

But I'm also quite a fan of Timon & Pumbaa ... and so I'm a little bit inclinded to watching "Lion King 1 1/2:"...

One of the features of the DVD will be a new "Virtual Safari" (the "Lion King"-dvd released back in October already had such a game...) - and // has released three stills from that game that might look a bit familiar...  :wink:


Phantom Manor style :d Whiiiiiii  :lol:


:lol:  you're right.  It looks like the PM elevator  :P


exept these pictures are lightly humorous instead of creepy!


Actually the PM paintings are quite funny as well.  :lol:


Have you ever seen a pig with a pink tutu?
But you're right PM is funny to.
It always will be my n° 1!