2011 - Year of the Disney sequel?

Started by peep, March 04, 2008, 01:24:07 PM

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One of my fav sites, Total Film always keep me up to date with the Film World. Today they didn't dissapoint with this slice of Disney news about future releases.

QuoteAccording to an AICN scooper, the House Of Mouse is planning to make 2011 the year of the sequel. We wonder if they'll get badges made. With ears on them. Probably not.
On the prospective slate are Cars 2, Tron 3D and National Treasure 3. We're not sure about the first - could it be a straight to DVD flick? Outside of the Toy Story franchise, Pixar aren't exactly known for their sequels, and Cars wasn't their biggest hit...
But anyway, by far the most exciting addition is Pirates 4. According to AICN: "Some indications suggest the film's story would be far more contained than its predecessors, allowing for a budget-friendly downsizing.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, there's been unsubstantiated talk that a fourth film would go the other way completely...think in terms of ultra fantastical (dinosaurs, Jules Verne-esque floating fortresses, etc.)."
Despite ourselves, we can't help but get excited at the prospect of Johnny Depp facing off against a horde of dinos.

I'm a bit unsure about some of those choices but National Treasure could be interesting if they get another good storyline put together. Cars is a very very very odd choice for a sequel but I'll wait till I hear more on that front. Pirates could be very intersting, lots of stuff they can play with there.
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Looking forward to Pirates 4, i'm pretty curious what the new Tron movie will be like :D


I just saw this too. :o  It might be a bit too much, coming one year after Toy Story 3...

I can't see National Treasure 3 doing that well, unless they do something amazing.

Tron 3D!!! YES!!!! There is no film more perfect for a remake right now, with this technology, and with a bit of a better story (the concept of the original is good, and it looks amazing, but being a few years younger than it I find watching it a bit... boring  :? )

Cars 2? I've read rumours for ages, but of all the Pixar films... I thought they covered everything they could in the first film and finished it up well. The Mater and Ghostlight short didn't get me that excited for seeing more from these characters (despite loving the film). Maybe Pixar just want something for the younger audience, since Ratatouille and others are getting a bit too clever now? As the comments on AICN say... C'mon BRAD! Make The Incredibles 2!!! Even Monsters Inc would be more fun to revisit, I'd love to see more of Monstropolis...

Finally Pirates 4... please, please, please, if this happens -- go with the simple option. The voodoo in Dead Man's Chest was good and about the limit -- Tia Dalma turning into crabs and so on in At World's End... the audience just didn't connect with it. Make a classic Pirates film, go back to the ride... take us to the Blue Lagoons, the fountain of youth, pub brawls and treasure caves. Classic adventure, like Swiss Family Robinson. With no Bloom or Knightley, their story finished nicely.

I'm still waiting for Walt Disney Pictures to do for westerns what they did for pirates...

Is that enough opinions now? :lol:


My opinions:

National Treasure 3 - could be good, i've enjoyed the first two, so make a strong storyline and don't make it weak
Cars 2 - Please don't mess it up. I hate it when they get a sequel then completly mess it up.
Pirates 4 - Make it more like the first one. Had me on the edge of my seat. The 2 & 3 seemed more kid friendly, which is good but had it's down sides.


I think Cars 2 is pretty much a done deal. The merchandising from Cars is one of the studios biggest earners. On top of that, the film was a big success in the states, and the proposed release date is the same time as the cars land/attraction opens in DCA.

Seems logical. I mean, have you ever seen them devote an entire land to one movie before???


Quote from: "penfold12"I mean, have you ever seen them devote an entire land to one movie before???
Mermaid Lagoon at TDS? :wink: And TLM now has 2 sequels and the TV series, so good point!

I hope we hear something about the story soon. It had better not just be a way of fitting in as many new future-diecast cars as possible. :twisted:


Quote from: "penfold12"Seems logical. I mean, have you ever seen them devote an entire land to one movie before???
Mermaid Lagoon at TDS and A Bugs Land right next to where Carsland will be.
I don't think Cars gets a sequel just because they wanted to. If cars didn't have all the hype around it Carsland and Race Rally would've never existed, i think, to me the sequel is more of a cash-in.


Your right, I had forgotton about those two lands, but still I dont think they are on the same scale as the proposed Carsland.

Apparently, the merchandise for Cars is selling at a higher level now than when the movie was released. That to me must be the biggest driving force in the sequel decision!


Cars merchandise is selling stronger then Princess merchandise across Europe.   :-$   NOT doing Cars 2 would make no sense at all.  This is THE franchise to keep rolling, although it's too much overlooked by most fans because of it's so-called under performance.


The Cars 2 would be quite good to watch but I want to see more of Monster's Inc, The Incredibles and Ratatouille.
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A little note on Pirates 4; Brian Connor from Industrial Light & Magic, the company that worked on the special effects for the last two Pirates-movies, are in Oslo to talk about his profession, and states that we won't see anymore movies like Pirates 3. What he basically says is that the major studios won't approve those kinds of budgets for movies anymore, because of the financial risk are too big.

That supports however the rumor presented in this topic that the next Pirates will go "back to its roots" and have a much smaller budget.

Source: //http://www.dagbladet.no/kultur/2008/04/09/532047.html (It's in Norwegian, but there is a short video interview in English).


Ugh! Cars? I hated that film! Make a finding nemo two and I'll be there!

Don't know what tron is so can't comment...

Pirates 4!? Can't we make films based on other rides? Like Phantom Manor (except thats been done and it was BRILLIANT!)

I'm getting a little sick of Pirates now... How about a western... could be based on BTM? Or a Space Mountain style movie! I bet that would be good!


Quote from: "MinniesBestPal"Like Phantom Manor (except thats been done and it was BRILLIANT!)

Sorry, what? The movie version with Eddie Murphy was terrible. I would prefer a 'proper' film version which would be soemthing inbetween kid film (like that one) and Pirates.

Oh well, if you see my new topic it seems a few things may be different. Also what you guys seem to be forgetting about Cars is that its Pixar, they wouldn't decide to make a sequel unless they had a good enough story for it (I'm not expecting much from it though).
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