The Walt Disney Company provides funding for park expansion

Started by ford prefect, January 10, 2012, 12:13:33 PM

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Ehile i think that can't be too soon to have marvel superheroes in paris (even if i'm not a big fan of putting them in the studio park: comeon, they're comics!), for the money that they would spend to film a iron man-themed soarin to put in paris, i'd really prefer a "physical" (and better fitting) ride!

i know that soarin has been long planned for the "theatre district" placemaking of the barren backlot, i just think that would be like calling the "jungle cruise" the "plastic animal river safari".

right now i think would be better (beside, well, a brand new original attraction or a european-themed great movie ride), cheaper and more effective the muppet 4d movie, they're european after all :P


Quote from: "Alan"If that's the case, then how do you explain Universal building attractions based on Terminator 2, Twister, The Mummy, Men In Black, Harry Potter and Jurassic Park? And how do you explain Disney building attractions based on Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Avatar?
Mmmm. Very true. I guess as long as the story is clear, it doesn't matter who actually saw the film. I still think that older generations would be put off, though.
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