Hollywood Hills Amphitheater & Studio Tram Tour

Started by lil-shawn, February 21, 2008, 09:09:41 PM

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Hey folks,
i think this could be the best idea i ever have for an expansion for the WDS,
but i know they cant realize it because of the money it will take, this is a big and
very expansive expansion plan! But now to my idea...

The Hollywood Blvd will grow to a street, so big like the Main Street USA, with
Shops & Restaurants. The Street will not go only straight it goes with a light kurv to the left along the Hollywood Tower Hotel.
Before u arrive at the end of the Blvd, u see at the right side a other street the new themed Sunset Blvd. When u go along the Blvd, u will see at the right side the entrance to the new rethemed and rerouted Studio Tram Tour. The trip begins in the new station to the first scenary, the Hollywood Hills backside with a few houses from the stars. The Train stops there and u can take Pictures and sometimes u will see a Star comes out of his house. After the stop the train drives to the new Costumes building and here u will see the costumes from past and new movies, after this u come to the movie set section with the catastrophe canyon and more. After this u will drive to an big cinema Theater with a red carpet, a lot of photographer and stars to a movie premiere, than u will drive back to the station. From the Exit u go back to the sunset blvd, from the exit u walk right to the new Brown Derby Restaurant or the Ivy Restaurant from LA.

On the rigt side of the restaurant u have buildings like the one in front of ToT, between the two buildings there is the entrance for the new Hollywood Hills Amphitheater. It will
look like the one from WDW but with one diferent, the backround are the Hollywood Hills with the big Hollywood sign, and when u remember the backside of the hils is part of the Studio Tram Tour. At this theatre u can see every Evening a show like Fantasmic.

From the theatre u walk again on the right side with buildings and a meet and greet station. Than u go back to Hollywood Blvd, here u walk on the right side to the big Cirkle like Central Placa and there u will find the new Icon for the Studios.

This was my idea for an expansion for WDS, how u like it and what would u change??


Sounds like a good idea, but i got a little disorientated. Can't you draw a map for us ;-)


Hehe sorry for that...

yeah i will make a map for you...

And here is my first try to bring my idea on paper, but i have to say
i´m not a good drawer  :oops:  

maybe anyone will make it better and can help? when not i will try to
do it better, but i hope everyone understand my idea now better  :D


hey guys,

how do u find it when they make the production courdyard and backlot plus hollywood blvd in one theme " Hollywood"

the backlot wil have everything what have to do with music and special effects, and then the new theatre district and the hollywood blvd.


I like this idea, especially Fantasmic!
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