Beauty and the beast!

Started by Kristof, January 11, 2004, 08:11:06 PM

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We had the chance to take pictures of Belle and the Beast during our last visit.  Do you think there should be more characters in the park?

I would like to see Ariel, Snowwhite, Mike (at the studios), ...

Beauty (for baloo ;-) )

and the Beast


Thanks for the photo(s)!  :wink:  :lol: Were they taken in Belle's Village?

Personally next time i visit i'd like to see (in WDS): Kenai and Koda, Stitch, Sulley (again), Mike; (in DLP): The Princesses (outside of the parade), Buzz Lightyear (never actually seen him!), Chip & Dale (for about the millionth time), and... BALOO!!!  :wink:  :lol:

Your character photos will just about ease the pain if i don't see one of these!   8)


Kenau  :D :


Quote from: "raptor1982"Kenau  :D :

Yay! I really hope i get to meet himand Koda!

I wish they had Rutt or Tuke aswell though, but i suppose they would be quite hard to make as characters...  :?


have you already seen Brother Bear??? It's not released here yet :-/


Yes, i saw it the weekend before christmas.  It was released in the UK on December 5th but because Disney UK (who are prtty stupid) seemed to hardly advertise it hasn't made much money which is a real shame because it's a great film.  Beautiful and spectacular animation, a surprisingly great story, great music and sound, basically a really great film!  I think i said on that if this was the last 2D animated film from Disney (for a while at least) i would be happy because it deserves to be up there with other films like Mulan and The Little Mermaid.

I am glad it isn't the last 2D Animated Disney film though because i'm really looking forward to Home on the Range which looks excellent!  :shock:  :D


I want to see a lot more of Princes! And for Raptor Peter Pan!


Quote from: "flor"I want to see a lot more of Princes! And for Raptor Peter Pan!

I guess you'll get a chance seeing him this summer with the new show "Peter Pan contre Capitaine Crochet" ...  :)

I know who I'd love to see more? DONALD!!!  :donald:

He can be seen more often at the Studios - but he's hardly ever at Disneyland ... which is a shame...


And I've never seen him in his blue suit, always a red one.