The covered walkway

Started by 15MagicalYears, January 30, 2008, 09:03:53 PM

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Agent Lex

While that's true, it looks like it pops straight into fairly dark passageways from those areas. The type that tend to end in dead ends, so people just don't think to explore.


I was lucky enough to stumble upon this on my last trip--but I didn't realize quite how extensive it was!  I used the Main Street-Frontierland corridor, and the covered area between Fantasyland and Adventureland was quite large.  Of course, it was cold and raining when I was maybe that's why I found them.  My main impression of the park was just how many areas there were to explore--and this definitely contributes to that!

Great video.

Brer Dan

Quote from: "pussinboots"I always find it odd that so few people notice this walkway. It crosses some pretty busy places. (Fort Comstock, two Adventureland entrances.) Although the shortcut between Main Street and Frontierland is pretty obscure, that's true.

In any case, it's a godsend on a hot summer day.


Quote from: "Gemz"WOW!! a knew about this walkway but a never knew it went as far as that!! :shock:  lol
I LOVE LOVE LOVE those walkways!!!! Especially when you get in2 the park early and you need to get to buzz lightyear NOW!!! (thats with a 5 year old!). Great for that trip to the toilet too!!!  :P



I love the arcades and walk ways.  I know my boys can make their around without going off track and it's easy to keep an eye on them.  Also a nice place to rest your feet for 5.

I always use the arcades when I go to Cardiff as they are like short cuts and have some of the coolest shops in them.  Maybe I am the sort of person who likes to go into

Great video


Happy Haunts used to have a piece of footage showing the route from main gates to PM using these walkways, less than 3 minutes.
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