Disneyland Resort Paris to be smoke-free as of April 2008

Started by Remco K., January 25, 2008, 01:33:19 PM

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Quote from: "Anthony"
Quote from: "jeakat24"One thing that did annoy me though was DLRPmagic.com's article, at the end they say "The areas chosen — or perhaps "condemned" — in Paris — soon to become "no-go areas" for non-smokers"
Please don't moan that it's a no-go area for non-smokers, you're already happy with the ban, don't moan about something else!  :)
As it turns out, those areas are probably where you're least likely to see someone smoking anyway... :wink:

So true. I took pictures of the empty smoking areas on my last visit and thought of doing a post on it until I realized it was a stupid and boring idea — but yes, it seems they're only used for smoking incidentally, when all the other benches are occupied or similar.