World of Disney in Disney Village (Now Open)

Started by Owain, January 06, 2008, 12:19:40 AM

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So, my last visit to DLP was not too long after the World of Disney store opened, and I ain't going to lie, we weren't impressed with the merchandise. Absolutely no different to what could be found elsewhere at the resort.

Couple of years later, has this changed?


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Yeah, we were pretty non-plussed with this shop. The building is huge, but the shop is tiny and it seemed to have less in it than the main street shops.


The only thing i liked about this shop was beautiful painted scenes from Disney on the upper walls. The rest was so bad... it was always full, lines for 10 minutes waiting, ppl pushing... i prefer much more shops in disneyland park...


I do think those row of shops which include disney store, new york sandwiches and sports bar look so 1990s.
I find it depressing. Especially in the disney store. The outside signage and the interior looks so dated.
World of Disney is a welcome addition although at park closing it is rammed.