New attractions, why not with Fast Pass?

Started by Bettan, January 16, 2008, 08:30:08 AM

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There are three new attractions: Crush's Coaster, Cars Quatre Roues Rallyea and The Hollywood Tower Hotel. But only HTH has Fast Pass. I think that every new attraction should have Fast Pass soo you can avoid the long queus.

What do you think about it?

But the Fast Pass system does not work very well on Big Thunder Mountain and Buzz Lightyear, you have to wait at least 10 minutes even i f you have Fast Pass. I think that 5 minutes should be the maximum waiting time with Fast Pass.


Fastpass can only work on rides that have enough capacity and can accomodate two entrances...
Crush would absolutely NOT be suitable for a fastpass entrance.  Please keep in mind that that would increase the waiting times of currently 90 - 120 minutes to TWICE as long, meaning a queue of 3 - 4 hours!!!  That would simply be a bad decision, and I'm pretty sure that Crush will never get a fastpass, as it would just be very stupid of park management to do so.

I'm very confused as to why you say that BTM doesn't have a good fastpass system.  As far as I'm concerned, it works PERFECT!  10 minutes really isn't long compared to the normal queue of 120 minutes.

Please also remember that everyone holding a fastpass ticket has a timeframe of half an houd in which they can decide to enter the fastpass queue.  If for some reason, they all enter at the same time, it is very normal that the fastpass may still have keep you queueing for upto half an hour...

So personally, I really don't understand your frustration...  Please have a little patience, and enjoy the queuelines; the theming in there really makes it worthwhile (for most rides, that is...)
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And I'd like to add that Fast Pass reduces the waiting time, it's not a short cut to the ride vehicles.


The Fastpass system reduces the wait limit, If you have to wait 60 mins for Fastpass when the regular wait is 120 mins, the Fastpass still lives up to its name. Nowhere does it say it gets you to the front of the line the second you walk in. It just says "Reduces regular wait time".
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