TIP: How to embed YouTube videos

Started by Kristof, December 18, 2007, 12:53:12 PM

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Rather than just posting a link to a video on YouTube, it's quick and easy to embed the video right here, so people can watch without leaving the forum!

Step 1: Copy the video URL link

On YouTube, click Share below the video player then click the Options drop-down arrow. Tick the Long link box and then copy the resulting link from the box above.

Step 2: Paste the video URL into your post on the forum

Now jump back to your message and simply paste the URL in.

Step 3: Add the tags around it

Here's the important part: To indicate a video embed, you just need to add "youtube" tags before and after the URL.

Here's how it should look:


Note the forward slash on the closing tag.

Which will return this in your post:

Et voilĂ  - your URL is embedded as a watch-able video in your message!