"Tarzan - The Musical" in Germany

Started by experiment627, December 17, 2007, 07:42:34 PM

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Haven't seen it much publicized on Disney fan sites yet, so here it goes:

"Tarzan - The Musical" is having its German premiere next fall. There has been no official announcement so far, which city will host this new production (though some rumours seem to indicate that it might replace the popular "Lion King" in Hamburg).

And after the huge success in the Netherlands, "Tarzan" will be casted during a TV casting show, which will start airing January 7th.



This is a MUST see! I've been there myself 2 times and is was worth every penny!  :mrgreen:
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Tarzan is soooo cool, I really really loved the musical hopely it will be just as great in Germany
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The Dutch Tarzan musical is truly spectacular indeed. I'm sure Hamburg will get the same upgraded version like ours, compared to the ill received Broadway version. To me it seems like the Americans are either too picky or that their version really sucked. Either way, Germany, prepare for a blast next fall! 8)


I would love to see Tarzan but if it would replace the Lion King Show I would be very sad because I really want to see it...So I guess I have to go this summer...it might be my last chance then...


Just to tell you that the Americans do not have poor tase in musicals! Tarzan the Broadway Musical in New York was AMAZING!!! i saw it 3 times and was there for the closing show.  and all over the world gets the basically the same musical! So it really just went off because the scenery was limited and thats it! the actors and actresses were amazing! and i got to know them personaly too! but overall the show was the best that i have ever seen and i have seen about 15 different shows! and the music was amazing!
Swity: Tarzan is not replacing Lion King and that is a very good show but imho its not as good as Tarzan and Mary Poppoins.
Maarten: see above but trust me our version was the best Broadway show that i have ever see. see my comments above.

Allie :D


I'm glad you had such a great time visting Tarzan so many times. Still, its a pity the show got canceled, while the show was so great according to you. Maybe the general public didn't like it?

Either way, I'm still curious to find out which scenes they did add and/or delete to the Dutch and probably German version.


By the way I read in a magazine, that Tarzan is going to replace Dirty Dancing...That's ok with me  :wink:


If you get to see the dutch or german version, tell me what scenes there were. I can ask my friend that was in the show what was the same and different!
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