3th park?

Started by Kristof, May 30, 2005, 06:49:22 PM

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Something new, I like the european idea. but disney definitley need to think of a new park concept. This would be a nice change from the Animal Kingdom/Epcot etc. Although, I'm not disputing that they would also be very much welcomed in my book!


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Quote from: "thebosdj"Something about the NEW PARK and it is confirmed!

Euro Disney has until 2017 to launch a feasibility study for a third park, and sources at the company add that "the feasibility study would probably take another three to five years, so a third park would not be envisaged until 2020 at the earliest". Disney's resort in Orlando has been open for 35 years and its Californian resort, home to Disney's first park, opened its gates in 1955, so there is still time for Euro Disney to repay its patient investors.


OMG  :o  Good news !


how about a park based on the continents of the world, sort of a mix
of the world showcase at epcot, and animal kingdom.

the entrance/main plaza could be europe, because thats where you are.
then you could have six other lands

Africa, Asia, Australia, North Am., South Am. and Antarctica.

The first ride in the park in europe would be Soarin' around the world.

the central plaza would be a volcano housing Journey to The Centre of the Earth.
expedition everest for asia
a ride based on the rescuers down under for australia
a mix of jungle cruise and grizzly river run for south america
Lion King Ride for Africa
a Ride based on new characters for Antarctica

then you could have famous landmarks for each building for example sydney opera house could house philharmagic.

it sort of fits in with a whole around the world in 80 days theme as well
so there is also a link to jules verne


I kinda agree with the one above but as a reply to a earlier comment that.... NO WAY, Not a park about Dinosaurs, After I watched Jurassic Park I started to hate Dinosaurs.

They should have half Epcot/Animal Kingdom, If Happy Feet was Disney then that would be good as a Antractia theme.

I call my idea....

Disney's Adventure Land

That name might be a bit of a copy to Adventureland but ah well.
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QuoteNO WAY, Not a park about Dinosaurs, After I watched Jurassic Park I started to hate Dinosaurs.



I think DLRP need a mix between DisneySea and A water park.
Like a huge wave pool with a mountain sort of idea but the end of the pool is blocked off by huge rocks so that the swimmers wouldn't get hurt by the HUGE splash from a rollercoaster that scims across the rock pool. :shock:
 :P I like my ideas, I think I will draw them up and maybe upload them ?
He he I better get thinking !  :idea:

Mansion Staff

but what would they do in the winter?
well we all cant come and go by BUBBLE!

be careful, or Ill drop a house on you.


The swiming lagoon would become the Skating Lagoon.
I guess this will be to big a budget but oh well I am still drawing it ! :P