3th park?

Started by Kristof, May 30, 2005, 06:49:22 PM

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What would your choice be for a third park?


You know what?  I'm really not sure... I used to think an Epcot/Animal Kingdom kinda park would be cool, but now I'm not so sure.  They aren't that popular in America, and they're very expensive.  I think it would definately have to be that kind of park though - a big, adventure-style park with lots of greenery and big attractions.  Something very different from WDS...

In reality, though. I think if DLRP do decide to build a third park it should be something like that Pierre & Vacances development they had planned (ie. not a park at all) or a water park - Lava Lagoon would still be a VERY nice addition.  They could advertise it almost as a third park and it would make the resort much more of a, well.. a resort.  :wink:


Most fans will probably shoot me for saying this...  :P   But what about an European Adventure park?  I mean, they went totally off couse with the concept in California, but if they think out the different lands, this could be great.  They could add something like an Epcot-showcase or something.  The possibilities are huge, and more important, lots of theming.  :D


Animal Kingdom meet DisneySea would be a masterpiece, those 2 parks are the most detailful of any other Themparks... I love them, only seeing the pics!
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I would like to see a park which is based and themed with nature. With some nice rides for example through forests and other adventures things to see. It could be a bit like Animal Kingdom, but I think a park with such wild animals will maybe not be that good, because of the climate. In France the weather is always very cold and so I guess the park would be closed for the winter season. Or maybe a water park would be the best. This really is something what is missing at DLP. For example the peolpe who stay at Cheyenne or Santa Fe would then have the chance to go swimming in a pool.  :wink:  :D
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Quote from: "Kinou"Animal Kingdom meet DisneySea would be a masterpiece, those 2 parks are the most detailful of any other Themparks... I love them, only seeing the pics!

I like this idea, i think i would be great to combining these two concepts. Good idea  :lol:

But it really doesnt really matter to me, as long as it is Disney. What i would like to see is a large swimming area like the Aqualandia parcs in Spain for example. But then not in the open air, but with rooftops on it, to be prepared for France's weather :D


Well, an indoor tropical pool was planned to be included in the resort: Lava Lagoon.


the indoor pool idea with LAVA LAGOON sounds like a great idea as it would mean somewhere else to go rather than back to the one at your holtel which is usualy not very themed.

 i would like something like a cross of WORLD SHOWCASE and DISNEY SEA as the two would go well togerther as the WORLD SHOWCASE could go next to one of the lagoons around the park and its very detailed and well themed.


As a third park I'd like to have a similar park as ANIMAL KINGDOM! Maybe "Disney's Zoo World" or something ;)!

I love animals, I love Disney, so this would be a great mixture for me ;)! And I guess it'd be good to manage because there could be different halls, f.e.:

- an ocean hall with "Finding Nemo" or "Little Mermaid" characters (clown fish,  crabs etc.)
- a jungle hall with "Jungle Book" or "Tarzan" characters (monkeys, gorillas, birds etc.)
- a half open/half closed african area  with "Lion King" characters (lions, zebras, giraffes etc.)

and so one...

Was it ever planned to create a third park at the resort? Or is it just mentioned at this time?
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So, seeing as this topic has been re opened, If the resort dont build a 3rd park by 2011 they loose the land yes?

I wonder, has this been renegotiated, or does it still stand?


I love this plan from La Rouquine DCP;

http://img381.imageshack.us/img381/2125 ... onseh7.jpg

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I like the idee of a third park, i like the animal kingdom in america but i think it wouldn´t work here because we have a lot of zoo´s!

yesterday i was watching atlantis and dinosaurs can they build the city of atlantis in the middle of the 3rd park and a land with dinosaurs like in animal kingdom, something like world showcase but not with the european pavilion more like north and south america, egypt, china, japan, india, australia, and so on and at this pavilions u can see the animals of this countrys or something like this!!  

i think is a great idee but sounds very expansiv i know but they kan begin smal and have to grow up!!


WESCOT... go to wikipedia and search for Disneyland California. There is a link about old projects and you can see some sketches about what was supposed to eb WESCOT in California before they choose a cheap park DCA.

WESCOT was mentionned for DLRP as a potential 3rd park with a european touch.

That would be fantastic!


they certainly have the room but not sure i like paris because its all small and together
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Something about the NEW PARK and it is confirmed!

Euro Disney has until 2017 to launch a feasibility study for a third park, and sources at the company add that "the feasibility study would probably take another three to five years, so a third park would not be envisaged until 2020 at the earliest". Disney's resort in Orlando has been open for 35 years and its Californian resort, home to Disney's first park, opened its gates in 1955, so there is still time for Euro Disney to repay its patient investors.