Will there be a new restaurant ?

Started by Timbo, November 24, 2007, 05:55:14 PM

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I was just wondering with all the new attractions opened in the Studios,there is bound to be a big increase in the number of visitors;but no new dining facilities to cater for them ! Personally I would love to see something like the Sci-Fi diner in MGM -Studios ,it is so original and always busy ,I,m sure it would be a hit in Paris too !!
The Brown Derby is also a great restaurant but may be a bit too expensive .I always thought the Studios was really short of some good places to eat.What do you think ?


The Studios need "a" quality restaurant never mind an addition..

Brown Derby would fit in nicely, one of my favourites.. Sci Fi is nice but the food is rather basic and last year our waiter said we had ordered the first bottle of wine of the year  :shock: . He then spent 10mins trying to open a screw top with a corkscrew bless him.
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It will be interesting to see what they do do restaurant wise. As you say they have built a load of new attractions, so what about the restaurants?
There was already a Tower of Terror restaurant / cafe in place!
La Terrasse had the Hollywood Tower Hotel logo on a stone archway.


The logo on La Terrasse has been removed now.  

I don't think there will be an additional restaurant right now.  Don't forget that right now most restaurants close 2 days in the week and some don't even open throughout the year.

I know there was a project once before the park opened to add a Toon restaurant on the grass next to the Studio Tram Tour, but from what I've heard that won't be happening anytime soon as they want to use that area to expand Toon Studio (attraction wise).


Quote from: "raptor1982"The logo on La Terrasse has been removed now.  

As I posted the above comment I began to have doubts to weather La Terrasse was still there!