Molly Brown riverboat returns!

Started by Anthony, May 16, 2005, 05:59:03 PM

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Now most of the fans know, the Keelboats are still able to operate, a petition can be started to re-open this attraction! It worked to keep Dapper Dan open ;-)
And not only the fans have seen these boats now, but it appeared in French national press: le Parisien! which paper also helped the rescue of Dapper Dan's ;-)


DLRP Magazine has more pictures on their forum! ... =2846&st=0


There was hardly any damage at all, then.  At least none that you can see from a distance - on the zoomed in photos below it does look quite bad.  It definately hasn't completely burnt out though, lol.  The engine area will probably need a lot of work and the boat will need to be tested A LOT before it's used again.  Hopefully whilst they're working on the engine they'll give the boat a full refurb.  It *really* needs it...

(photos by Joel)

(photos by Ptimax, DLRP Magazine Forum)


ooooooh, these pictures are good news!  Doesn't look that bad at all...  A fresh coat of paint probably...  :wink:


The news is not very funny  :cry:


It's not funny at all, but nothing horrible happened to the guests...  So a fresh coat of paint and a good check up will take Molly Brown back on track.  It would have been worse when fire broke out inside a show building like pinnochio or so.


You can see another photo of the boat here: ... p?pos=-577

The damage to the cab and the top of the boat there actually looks quite bad.  Apparently it has been covered in white tarp now, so you can't see anything.  I wonder if they'll move it into the dry dock soon, or can't it be moved at all?  As Raptor said earlier though, the Mark Twain might not have finished its refurb yet, so there could be nowhere to move it to...


More photos of the damage to the ship:

Thanks to *winnie* on DLRP Magazine Forum for the photos!

It doesn't look that bad, but there is some definate damage to the back of the driver's cab there.  The Molly Brown looks in an awful state anyway, this couldn't have come at a better time if you ask me!

ONCLE PICSOU on the same forum also says Mark Twain needs another 3 weeks of refurbishment before the Molly Brown gets its turn for a refurbishment that will last between 6 months and a year!  Obviously this isn't confirmed, but it sounds sensible enough.  Now that I think about it, it's quite likely the Molly Brown would have been refurbished next anyway, so we could have done without the fire!  :evil:


This photos above show what I saw when I was there on the 17th. As I rode with the Disneyland Railroad I saw that the Molly Brown was damaged at the top. The cabin was black from smoke and the smaller tube behind it was very charred. That's bad, I'm always depressed when something like this happens in DLP. The CM at the Riverboat Landing told me that the Riverboats will not work this week.
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


The Raccoon keelboat is now moored at the Riverboat Landing, the reason for this is unsure...

(Source: Ptimax, DLRP Magazine)

It's unlikely it's moored there so they can take it out to the Molly Brown, so I suppose they either left it there to add a bit of interest to the area and stop it from looking empty *or* it's being used to help refurbish the Boot Hill path...

Anyone know more?


It's a fan pleaser!!  I'm pretty sure of it.  :lol:


Quote from: "raptor1982"It's a fan pleaser!!  I'm pretty sure of it.  :lol:

They're trying, but not quite hard enough!  If they really wanted to please us then the Raccoon would be parked over in the keelboats dock with people queueing up to ride it!  But this is a start at least...

I wonder, when the Riverboats are back, could the keelboats make a return?  They've certainly prooved themselves in the last month, first as rescue boats, then as a bridge and now as an attractive prop... With all the other refurbs around the park to get it back to being truly breathtaking, it would be nice if they could be a part of it.

The keelboats can't cost that much either, and I think if they had more than 2 in operation then they'd work quite well.  They can't take very long to unload/load and could have a good throughput.

They could be a very cool and unique attraction during Halloween actually...


It looks good there. It really is a nice prop and now the area really doesn't look so empty anymore. And for all the people who do not know that Molly Brown was on fire, they will now not be so confused why the Riverboats aren't working. But I would more like to see that the Keelboats would operate again. Hopefully they will return. I will make a wish to the wishing star.  :wink:  :sorcerer:
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"

Sweet Laker

Quote from: "Disneyana"I will make a wish to the wishing star.  :wink:  :sorcerer:

Lets do it together, maybe it helps ;)



Great news from Joel's latest photo report - the Mark Twain is now in the Riverboat Landing dock!!  Unfortunately the Molly Brown is still in the same place, but it will surely soon be moved into the maintenance dock for repairs to properly begin.

(source: Joel)

I'm going to be very optimistic and bet all the Pumpkinmen's orange paint on the riverboats being open for Halloween.  I can't imagine Halloween Festival without the Phantom Cruise Lines now, and I'm sure the Pumpkinmen can be persuasive enough for the management to work as hard as possible to get them open.  :)

The Mark Twain looks really good as well.  :D