[EDV] 50 Glorious Years: Pirates if the Caribbean

Started by Patrick, May 15, 2005, 11:42:56 PM

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Last time I showed you how nice Sleeping Beauty's Castle is now this time we go take a more Pirate look on things.  Yes in 1967 Disneyland opened Pirates of the Caribbean in New Orleans Square, it was for its time revolutionary and still to this day attracts a massive audience, and this attraction of course has travelled the world over and even given its name to a movie.  Walt Disney World gained it when it opened in 1971, Tokyo Disneyland brought it over to Japan in 1983, and of course Disneyland Resort Paris brought it to Europe in 1992.

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However this attraction is special since it was the last ever attraction Walt himself worked on before his death, sadly he never saw it open since it opened a month after his death in Anaheim.  In Paris the ride is not too different, however what is different is of course the layout, where in California we see their bones first, in Paris it is the opposite way round.  In turn instead of looking back on what happened it's a consistent story. The exterior of the attractions also differ where the Disneyland version is a New Orleans look of a building hence it is located in New Orleans Square.

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However Disneyland Resort Paris do not have a New Orleans Square and so they placed it in Adventureland, yes good idea but how would they theme it well like many things in Paris it got a brand new theme so why not change it into a Spanish Fortress.

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The movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is loosely based on Pirates of the Caribbean attraction due to it does not include certain scenes from the attraction, and also introduces us to Captain Jack Sparrow played by the humorous Johnny Depp and Will Turner acted by the great Orlando Bloom :wink: .  With of course another movie due out sometime in the not so distant future.

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yo ho, yo ho ;-)...
A lot of more information of 'Walt's POTC' can be found on the 'Lost Disc' (new released box of POTC:Curse of the Black Pearl)

Great review PatMagic!
And I agree about what you said about Orrrrlando Bloom  :wink:


LOL!!!  :lol:  Was this a review about POTC or about the actors?  :wink: But i'm completely with you, great movie and great actors indeed.

About the review, well done again! This is my favourite attraction. And this is where i'm going to immediatly after i entered the park.  :wink:



Great review. Both, the attraction and the movie and of course the actors too are my favourites.  :wink:  :D
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


POTC is one of my favourite rides during the winter, it's very very warm in there during that time.  I even had some person sitting next to me falling a sleep...  :wink:


*no comment*


hahaha! That were you?  :lol:

Jorien  :D


Nice review, thanks.  :wink:  It's still my favourite ride, and I doubt anything will ever beat it!  And even though falling asleep on the ride is perhaps one of the worst crimes I've ever heard of, I'd prefer to have someone asleep in my boat rather than the usual group of annoying people you get behind you talking loudly about their lunch or how there's no Captain Jack Sparrow...

The film is wonderful as well, and yes - great actors!  Johnny Depp is just brilliant.  I like them for their acting talent only though, unlike you lot...  :roll:  :P Actually, I used to like Keira Knightly a little bit when the film was released, but she's gone a bit ugly now...  :?

Can't wait for Dead Man's Chest!