Refurbishments in New Port Bay

Started by Disney Magic, May 28, 2015, 05:56:21 PM

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Have all the rooms in New Port Bay been renovated?

What work still needs to be done on New Port Bay?
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Is there a tunnel leading from the inside pool into the outside pool?
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Disney Magic

We are going to New Port Bay in August, we have heard all about the renovations and thought that they would be finished - obviously not! :'
We had booked a lake side view room, but my husband got a call saying that are room wasn't ready yet. Instead we have just been moved to a room without the lake side view which I was really looking forward to  :'( :'( :'(
Does this been that our new room will defiantly be renovated?
Also apparently they have made a tunnel that you can swim through leading from the inside pool into the outside pool. Is this true?
Also is the indoor pool still freezing cold!!!!!  :o  :o :o


The renovations do seem to be stretching on and on I'm afraid :-(

You could always swim directly from the indoor pool to the outdoor pool so I expect that isn't changing.

There is no guarantee you will get a renovated room. They don't charge any more for them so it is the luck of the draw.

Can't help with pool temperatures specific to the NPBC but the French do seem to like their rooms hot and their pools cold!


i was there last week, the outside pool wasn't open.  not sure if this was because it wasn't summer, or that it was still being renovated.


I was there last week and it is still covered in scaffolding apart from one bit furthest from the parks (and that part looks super!).
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i spoke to somebody there at the weekend when i rang to pay some more off my holiday and was told everything is still on schedule, if not slightly ahead ... in that all scaffolding will be down by the end of the summer season (mid sept - late sept)
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That's fab news Sarahh83! We are going in December and we're hoping the scaffolding was going to be down by the time we went 😁


Good news! It will be magical. Stayed there for first time last September and liked it very much. We'll definitely  go again.

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Ooooh good to know, because me and BF are looking at this hotel and the hotel NY for our stay and we both love the look of the hotel so I'm that by next march all of the refurb should be done!


Has any one got any news on how the renovation is going?


Was told today all rooms are now refurbished

That was by central reservations (US sounding lady)


Does anyone know if the indoor pool is / will be open during the last week of August.

Not really bothered about scaffold, but the pool is one of the reasons we chose this hotel.

Thanks in advance


Didn't realise someone had died at Newport Bay Hotel while doing construction work, how horrific for all his family.
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