New Halloween & Christmas Parades for Paris

Started by lil-shawn, October 08, 2007, 11:42:59 PM

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Hey folks,

I was thinking of 2 new parades for our disneyland, i´m bored of the old parades it was all the time the same, the same carriage from the princess parade :-( now in the future we need something diverent to the OUADParade...

my idea for the Halloween Parade,

at first u will see 3 dancing pumpkinmen, than u will see the first carriage, a big pumkin with a huge jack skellington AA sit on it, behind u see 3 another pumkinmen dancing. the second carriage is the plaza with the fountain from the movie nightmare befor christmas with dancing charakters from the movie..
then u will see dancing ghost from PM with the following carriage the big ball room from PM with ghost on it too on the back u will see the three statue sing grimm gimming ghost..
after this the villians from the movies will dance and the fourth and last carriage, a big pumkin garden with mickey and his friend on it.. the music will be a mix of this is halloween, grim grimming ghost, and a new halloween song for the parade!!

my idea for the christmas parade,

first u see a big christmastree, behind it u see dancing snowballs and the first carriage with mickey and minnie on it dancing on ice skates, behind it u see dancing toy and the second and third carriage toyland and winter wonderland, with goofy, pluto, donald and daisy...
then u wills ee dancing nutcrackers and the second christmastree, than follows dancing christmas singer and the fourth carriage a ball room with the pinces & Princess dance on it. behind it u will see the dancing reindeer and the last, santas carriage...

so what du u say?
now its time to imagine ur halloween & christmas parade u wish to
see in DLRP...

have fun everyone!!!


I like your ideas, mainly loving the halloween one though. My only cause for concern within your ideas is that Mickey and Minnie mouse dancing on ice skates probably wouldn't be possible.
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i think it is possible, i saw it for 2 years in disneyland california or maybe it was faqke i don´t know  :)


Probably fake, but it does sound interesting :D

I think I need to see pictures of this thing, I just can't picture it in my head :P
Next visit to DLP: October 26th
Coaster Count: over 320


Yes it was *fake* Mickey and Minnie where riding on roller blades / boots / shoes.
It has a great effect!  :D