River Rapids in Adventureland?

Started by Barnsey313, September 30, 2007, 09:03:44 PM

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Good Idea?

20 (80%)
4 (16%)
Yes But in a Different Location
1 (4%)

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Sounds like a good proposal and the location also looks suitable.
My concerns would be if the trees were thinned out would the adventure theming work as well! And DLRP can get V. Cold. Wet guests and coldness Brrrrrr!


Once again:
There won't ever be a very wet attraction at the Resort. As it was already mentioned here, it would have to close some months of the year ( or people would avoy the ride when it's open ) and that's just not "Disney like".

Quote from: "PetiteSirene"Why would they close it  :shock:
I worked at Thorpe Park and they Never closed their rapids down unless it broke down.

Is it open in winter ?