On my last trip to Disneyland Paris I bought...

Started by Disneyana, September 24, 2007, 01:17:15 PM

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New small black & white & grey Mickey towels, a tigrou cup, a new pj for the misses and a cool Mickey boxer for me  and an army of green toy story men for my nephew :thumbs:
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... the statue of Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse hand in hand. Like the original one which is at the entrance of the Walt Disney Studios  ;) !


Quote from: "dagobert"On our last trip we bought some pins, t-shirts, a bookmark, a magnet and other things:

Wow I love the 2010 DLRP pin, hope there's one when i go next month :D


I have bought lots of things over the years ive gone,can not remember them all.
I will make a note this year & take photos each day what i have bought,so that i can post them on my trip report.
Last year i bought for myself
Bag & purse


Joseph had
Balloon which was the only thing he asked for bless
Buzz that does all the stuff
Light up Buzz
Minnie (the only 1 he hadnt got from all the gang)

Think thats it. Will make a note for what to do for this year.

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hi do they sell the light up balloons like they do in the other parks, i saw a mickey head ballon all flashing on a video i watched on youtbue, and would love one :D??


I've not seen them in Paris, but that doesn't mean they don't have them I think they're quite new only ever saw them for the first time in Florida this summer and that was my 10th visit


hm... on my last trip i bought (i might miss some out since it was 2 years ago now lols)

ToT onride photo which one of the CM's who new us on first name basis by the time we left wrote a message on for us

ToT stitch plushie (the one chewing on the cable wearing a ToT coat and hat)

Stitch hoody

a cupple of pins

the free soaps from the hotel room :P

then just random bits and pieces, sweets and things....
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Last time I visited I bought:

- Nightmare before christmas socks. (there really nice and warm)
- Phantom manor snowglobe. (Really lovely and if you shake it it snows bats instead of snow)
- Jack skelleton small snowglobe
- Traditions dumbo
- New generation shopper bag
- New generation page mark
- Vinlymation pins
- Vinlymation notebook
- Various pins
- mug that keeps drinks warm


This is from my trip from July 24-25

- a whole bunch of postcards
- Peter Pan tin with sweets (for my dad)
- wedding tin with sweets (for friends of mine who got married a couple of months before my trip)
- 2 Marie rhinestone cellphone straps (one to go on my camera, the other for a friend who collects Marie things)
- a box of totally overpriced chocolates for my mum
- one of those thermoscups for my sister
- an eco-cotton baseball cap (less than € 2 on sales with my AP!)
- an eco-cotton totebag
- a bag of eco-cotton baby things (as a present to my brother and sister in law who are expecting their first child)

And my bf bought me a plush pluto keychain :)

And this is from my trip from October 7th:

I picked up the pins for a friend of mine :)


Oh blimey, I went in March 2010, and (from memory, which isn't great at the best of times) we bought:

A Grumpy hoodie
A Minnie Mouse hoodie (daughter)
A Mickey Mouse red fleece jumper (Daughter)
A DLP Jacket (husband)
An 'Its my Birthday' T shirt (for my daughter)
A Minnie mouse blanket (Bought for my daughter in her pram, as it was cold)
4 pins (Chip n Dale, Eeyore, Mickey Mouse, and ??)
A notebook magnet
Baloo plush (Medium)
Chip plush (Small)
3 x Minnie Mouse plush's (All medium)
That black cat from Bolt plush
2 x Keyrings
Pack of pencil crayons
Mickey Mouse Pirates colouring book
Mickey Mouse backpack
Tigger slippers (Daughter)
Buzz Lightyear light up whirly toy thing
Box of 7 bath figures from Playhouse disney
Box of 4 small Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy MMP soft toys
2 long sleeved Mickey and Minnie nighties
Minnie Mouse hair bobble set
Mickey Mouse bobble hat
Minnie Mouse bobble hat (daughter)
Mickey Mouse gloves
MInnie Mouse figure with clip on wardrobe
Princess figure with clip on wardrobe (A present for my niece)
A remote control Lightening McQueen (A present for my nephew)
A Simba plush
A Donald plush
A Red Mickey Mouse cushion
A Bambi top and bib (present for a pregnant friend)
A Bag of Disneyland Paris haribo sweets for my next door neighbours little girl
A Photo album with the year on
A Minnie Mouse fancy dress costume
Minnie Mouse ears

I am quite sure there was more than this, but I can't remember....

Not to mention the Souvenir coins we were buying round the parks, and the bits my Mum bought.... Eeeeeek!!!
I think we helped them stay in business, ha ha. Going again in March.... Oh dear.... =)
We went with 2 suitcases, but came back with 3.

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it's lovely to see everyones items,i love looking at them all.thanks for showing them.


Been meaning to upload these for some time...

I saw this on the thread before I left and made a note to get some for myself!

I just love popcorn so this was a must - felt like I had an elf around my neck!

My mum collects fridge magnets...

I love my scrump!

Wanted the Marie one but this was all I could get...wore it around the park instead of ears or a hat

I also love PotC - was deliberating on whether to get this one or the key from the Tower of Terror but Boyfriend argued that I prefered the PotC ride and was terrified of ToT

I thought this was so cute!

Annnd to the pins...

Generally had a positive experience in regards to pin trading, took me a while to get up to nerve to keep asking to see peoples pins! Also only saw two other people buying/trading. My Bf says that it's more of a big thing in America but I was still sure I might of seen more people trading than that?

Dreams do come true in New Orleans?


I think it just depends on how many people you see, last summer i saw quite alot of people with lanyards round their neck. I swapped over 50 in 2 days :D lol


las trip i bought: (photos to come soon)

a nightmare before christmas zero plushie for my boyfriend (mbc is the only disney movie he likes so i was really lucky lol)
a nightmarebefore christmas hoody (the white one) for my sister
a new bag - black with mickey mouse on it in dimanties
the disneyland hotel lanyard
disneyland hotel pin
tower of terror key pin
tower of terror hoody
tower of terror t-shirt
a 'b' keyring
a lilo and stitch keyring
an aristocats keyring
a pack of character pens (the 9.50 one)
tower of terror stitch notebooks (reduced to 1 euro so i bought a few =] )
pirates of the caribbean mediallion necklace

and i think thats it.... but bad if i do say so myself, pictures will come soon =]
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When i went in june / july 2010 I brought:

Piglet ears
Flip flops
Photo album
Socks x2
Stich cuddle toy
Minnie Pillow
Post cards
Tinkerbell bag
Christams ball - balls
Guide book
Kichen bits
big carry bag

I think that's it .................................. I will be going in September so i think i may be buying even more stuff for christmas pressies.
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