On my last trip to Disneyland Paris I bought...

Started by Disneyana, September 24, 2007, 01:17:15 PM

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I think there may have been a mug in a similar design, but I'm not 100% on that!


musical Simba plush, and 2 pins
(and for my sister a black Marie pillow)


Quote from: "TaranDLP"Hi everybody!

My visit was last Tuesday 29th to Thursday 31st February, and although it was cold and rained a lot, we had an amazing time! Here are some pictures of what I bought...

They did Mickey, Minnie and Goofy styles too, but for me, it had to be Donald!

I love this doodle range.

I bought this to pop my Uni notes down!

I wanted this T-shirt last time I visited, but I forgot to buy it. Good job that I did, as this time, it was in the sale with 50% off!

This helps ease my inner nerd.

I had to get a Mickey T-shirt, this was the one.

Every time I visit the Disneyland Hotel, it's the scent that really makes an impression on me. Last visit, we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel but they were out of stock of the fragrance, I was so pleased that they had it this time. It is more floral than the actual scent which to me is more smokey, maybe they don't want to reveal their 'secret scent' but it's nice all the same. The actual scent they use is Feu de Bois by candle maker Diptyque.

OH MY GOODNESS where did you get that Donald hat from, I am going in march and want one so bad :D
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Omg I LOVE that Jedi t-shirt! My hubby is. Huge star wars fan and was born in 1977 too so got to get that for him :)
Glad to see that they still do the coins too :) my son lost his first tooth today and my daughters first is wobbling, told them both that tinker bell is the tooth fairy for Disneyland and if they out them under the pillow there whe we go next month they get a special coin. :) much nicer way to commemorate losing their first tooth than just £1 I thought :)


My daughter bought these:

Since the weather wasn`t too friendly we needed:

We went last october...
Some pins we bought:


last trip brought these things home with me....

20th anniversary shopper bag (which i want to point out is actually fairly big and sturdy too i carry my 13" macbook around all over in this bag!)

minnie mouse coat

a photo of me and my sister (and quite by accident nana, just so happened that of the 3 photos that where taken the one with nana in was the best one) infront of the 'castle'

 my sister bought me this jigsaw puzzle =] (i completed a photo hunt and we bought eachother prizes)
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I bought way to much.. Some of the shops had offers on that if you bought so much you got a certain item for half price or less than so my mother and myself used some of those offers.

I got new pins and Vinylmation
Also some new plushies
A new Disney jumper
A Duffy mug
Disney CD
Marie glass
and some Christmas ornaments (we went in November)


Just back from our trip and bought a few things, as you do lol.
I got these ear rings for myself :) Im born in July not June but I prefered the colour of these, very subtle and pretty. :)

Hubby got himself a Star wars lanyard and some pins.

Some stitch toys for my Daughter. The car was a separate buy but for 5 euros was a bargain.

A last day buy, kids were very upset leaving so told them they could have a giant lolly pop each. 3 euros for a lolly, 9 for these which they saw and fell in love with. Had to credit card them as didnt have enough cash left lol.

Autograph books which are now full :) Will say was dissappointed with the selection though. Only these two and the 20th one which didnt have many pages.  

HAD to get this for hubby, he was born in 1977 so great for him :)

Toys for hubby lol. The Stitch and Gooft figures were on offer where if you spent over 30 euros they were half price. lots of stores had offers like this so was worth looking around.

Ok so this is mine lol. I really wanted a Brave snowglobe but thought the one they had was a bit plain. I loved this doll though and I smile like that so hubby said I had to get it.

daughters pins

Sons pins

Mine :)

I've got a thing about cups and mugs so came back with lots of glasses. The large glasses were only 5 euros for both.

The kids did get a few more toys, some stitch soft toys and the usual Popcorn tubs and sweets. All in all I didn't get as much as I thought I would lol.


Hi gemmasteele84, where did you buy the earrings! They are cute!


In the disneystore in the village. there were loads of them :) they were either 19 or 25 euros, cant remember which lol


Hope they are 19, saves me 6 bucks for a pin! :D
Thanks for answering! I hope they still have `em in fall!


ive hunted the packaging out and they were 18.99 :)


Great, I`m starting my shopping list!! :lol:
Just have to put it somewhere to find it when we go in october! :-P  :-P


I went to Paris with a friend, and on the last day we decided to drive to the Village.  We didn't have enough money to go in the park though, I still feel sad for it.  But I bought these!

I also bought a Vinylmation from the Star Wars series, I got an Emperor's Guard.  I don't really like it though, I was hoping for an Ewok. :(
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Maleficent from the Couture de Force collection.

Duffy in his Parisien outfit.

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