On my last trip to Disneyland Paris I bought...

Started by Disneyana, September 24, 2007, 01:17:15 PM

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Now after being to DLP, what souvenirs  have you bought  ?

we bought a lot of stuff, so here's my list:

The "from sketch to reality" book
a big Pluto plush
a normal Minnie plush
a small Marie (Aristocats) plush
a medium Dumbo plush
a Pluto as POTC keydog beanie
a Buzz bubble pistol
4 Pins
2 Thermo cups, one of the WDS and one of the 15th
2 metall cups
a metall kitchen colander
a leather Mickey head keyholder
a keyholder of the Buzz spacemen
4 glasses (3 in red and one in pink)
a Sleepshirt with striped kneesocks
a Mickey Hooddie sweater
a hair-band
2 On Ride photos (Buzz and POTC)
a Mickey as a Pirate sculpture/figure
a 15th mobile phone charm
coloured hot chocolat
lollipops, barbapapa, 15th candies, jellybelly beans
2 figurine snowglobes (Dumbo and Lady and the Tramp)
a hand bag
2 fingerrings
3 T-Shirts for my nephews
a present for my friend Nala  :wink:
and 2 Activity sets for my nieces

I hope I haven't forgot anything, but I guess that's it.
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


Pfff.....also a lot on my last 2 visits.

- 2 Mugs big (Pooh and Grumphy)
- 1 Mug large Mickey
- 1 small black Mickey mug
- The "from sketch to reality" book
- 2 Brons statues (Mickey & Minnie)
- Part 2 of the book with all the little extra's about Disney (forget the name :P)
- Remy pluche
- Some keychains (Mickey, Minnie and one a NBC)
- Grumphy cap
- Pooh cap
- 2 metall kitchen colanders ( where you put your plates on? )
- 2 Attraction photos ( POTC and BUZZ )

But the most lovely and addicting was the "The "from sketch to reality" book " I just love the whole idea behind the parc and attractions!  :D
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I would like to have the "from sketch to reality" book, but it's so expensive...

Let's see, a month ago my mum and I bought:

- '15 years' mobile phone charm
- '15 years' photo album
- '15 years' postcard
- '15 years' bookmark (gift for my aunt)
- big Stitch 'love me' plush
- Buzz Lightyear gun with lights (for my boyfriend...  26 years old but still a kid :wink:)
- Buzz Lightyear on-ride photo
- 'How to draw..Lilo and Stitch' book
- 'How to draw..Disney princesses' book
- '15 years' 2-disc cd
- 4 christmas ornaments (Marie, Tink, castle, Bambi)
- Mickey & Minnie valentine ornament
- Stitch plastic plate
- huge 'Paris' chocolate bar (for the neighbours who took us to the train, when the bus did not come...)
- '15 years' sweets

Hmmm.... That's still a lot!  :lol:

EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot!

- Mickey socks
- hideously bright pink croc (?) shoes

Those were out of sheer necessity...  :lol:
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Aug 07 i bought:

new york pin
2, 15 years pin (parade)
peter pan pin
a tink glass
a tink towl
15 years t-shirt (white)
--''-- black
peter pan- cap
lenyard (15 y.)
15y postcard
buzz gun
christmas things (with mickey, tink and 15y.)
disney song book 2
princess songbook
tinks, pixie dust or the secret of neverland -book
2 t-shirts from tink
one ride pic from buzz
crush pin
a pencil  from mickey

hmm i think that's all :wink:
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March 07;

Mickey pen
07 Calender
Large eeyore plush
Medium stich Plush
autograph book
200 photo album 07
Disneyland Resort Mug
Mr Potato Head set
BTM Ride Photo Plastic Frame     )
RNRC Ride Photo Plastic Frame   ) Yes, i love ride photos !  :lol:
SM:M2 Ride Photo Plastic Frame  )
POTC Ride Photo Plastic Frame    )

Cowboy handkerchief
Disneyland Resort Paris Pin Landyard
POTC Mickey Pink
POTC Medallion Pin
And Loads of Disney Sweetsss !  :)


Quote from: "DisneyAlba"I would like to have the "from sketch to reality" book, but it's so expensive...

Totally true, but believe as i say, it's worth every penny!!! :D
"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney


Quote from: "Owain"07 Calender

Ah, yes, a calendar! I bought that too - I forgot!  :)
You can take the girl out of Scotland, but you can't take Scotland out of the girl.


Oh oh, forget some stuff :oops:

- Wedding pluche with Mickey & Minnie
- Wedding photograph with Mickey & Minnie

It's a never ending list  :P
"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney


I'll post some pics eventually.

The 2 new Princess Parade Float snowglobes.

A musical Belle figurine.

A Belle figurine with cloth / lace skirt.

An Ariel figurine in an open clam shell.

2 official photo's of me with Belle, one in a large perspex frame, one in a smaller card frame.

A framed Belle print with pins of the enchanted objects.

A framed set of Belle pins, Belle and the sheep sat on the town fountain.

3 Princess prints, Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora.

A 15th Anniversary photo album.

A set of Princess gel pens.

A DLRP bag / pouch.

A Mickey and Co. baseball cap.

A 15th Anniversary hoodie.

A 15th Anniversary Mickey in a small 15th Anniversary bag.

A 2008 calendar.

The 15th Anniversary double CD.

The Just Like We Dreamed It CD.

A Princess cookie tin - with Belle on the lid.

A 15th Anniversary Christmas mug - which had Belle on it.

Princess mugs - Princess Belle and Princess Sleeping Beauty (why didn't they put Princess Aurora on for the name???)

A Belle and Lumiere Christmas Tree ornament.

4 pins - glittery Snow White, glittery Aurora, the pin day Cinderella (couldn't see any of the others), Hotel Santa Fe.

A princess lanyard medallion. Mine broke on the second to last day on Indiana Jones!

A DLRP pin bag.

I think that's about everything - there were still things I would have liked, but there's always March.  :)


I'm still unpacking, so if I suddenly come across something I missed off the list, I will edit and add it on.

Grey Mickey Mouse Fleece Jacket
Autograph book
15 Magical Years T Shirt
15 Magical Years Top Hat with Mickey Ears
2007 Jester's Hat with Mickey heads
Mickey Good Night Plush (Mickey in Blue Pyjamas, with nightcap, slippers and teddy bear)
15th Anniversary Mickey in Bag Plush
Pinocchio Plush
Remy and Emile Plush
Stitch Sweet Devil Plush
Set of Simba and Nala Plushes
2 Christmas Eeyore Plushes (1 with his own sack and a penguin, and 1 of him in his reindeer pyjamas)
Pirate Pluto Plush
2 Christmas Stitch Plushes (1 with presents, 1 with mitts on)
2 15th Anniversary Fridge Magnets
Christmas Advent Calender
Photo Album
Stitch Magnet Pen


Quote from: "goofyvillain"Christmas Advent Calender

how does it look like?? :?:
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Quote from: Crush_Love
Quote from: goofyvillainChristmas Advent Calender

how does it look like?? :?:

Here's a couple of pictures of it (it's easier then me trying to explain what it looks like  :) )

http://img71.imageshack.us/img71/495/ad ... 001yh7.jpg

http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/4262 ... 002il3.jpg


Oh they do sell these here in the supermarket too. I have one every year. Didn't knew they sell them at DLP too.
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"



the 15th anniversary blanket

Mickey christmas ball

Minnie silver trainers (i know i am old lol)

A 2008 calender
A 15th Anniversary Easter Egg with Mickey inside for my mum
A 15th Anniversary shopping bag
Another Mickey Christmas Tree Decoration
15th anniversary pens for my work mates
My kids bought 2 Star Wars Shirts


15 years watch : 90 euros
Stitch pins (about 8 :p)
15 years towel
Camera Bag
Walt Disney Studios glass
Disneyland Paris Bowl
Annual Pass
Pirates T-Shirt
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