European Disneyland, Where would you put it ?

Started by Owain, August 28, 2008, 12:43:23 PM

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No! Mine! :lol:

I have to agree that france was the only real place to put it. Having driven from U.K,  and Germany to get there, it is so central. Yes, the great weather of Spain would help sometiems, but now my family are used to the charm of wrapping up warm with only eyes and noses showing during late October and early November. It adds something to the charm of DLRP for our family.

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also if u think about it france is probably the best country in europe for symolism. theres so many things that are so unmistakably french that it could open up a new world of marketing for them


When I was younger I used to really wish that they'd built Disneyland in the UK, but looking back I am so glad that they did not!

Speaking for myself, I think if the resort was in the UK it wouldn't seem as special, and I would probably take it for granted. Also I think it would possibly be a day trip experience, as I probably wouldn't want to spend a lot of money staying in another part of the UK for up to a week, just my opinion though!

I think Paris is perfect, the weather is similar to ours, if a little better during summer months, it is very easy to get too, and I like how there are so many different nationalities that visit DLP. I think DLP is going from strength to strength and I think the next few years are going to be really exciting with all the rumoured additions to both parks!


I would love to say in my house but I'll be rather stupid as it will never happen.

A Holland Disneyland would do and so will Spain & Italy but I never know what the future will bring.  :wink:
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To tell the truth,I always preferred London as the place for a Euro Disney,but now I've come to believe that,in the long run,Paris was really the way to go.It's in the center of Europe,it's got a very convenient transportation system,all this combined with Walt's french ancestry.After all,Eisner was not a man of mistakes..
Compared to France though,UK would be better in terms of hospitality,a MUCH friendlier domestic audience (remember when the French attacked Cast Members? :shock: )AND *sigh* would alas be English speaking...

 London's drawbacks,though,would be worse weather-imagine Heathrow covered in fog causing even 6-hour flight delays(personal experience)- ruining trip planning,as well as be more distant to continental Europe.
And,of course,now with the Eurozone,-almost- all other European countries would have to switch to British Pound..!

As for Spain,despite the good weather,I don't think it would fit in to the Disney spirit as well as Paris...
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I would leave it where it is. I think Paris is the best spot in Europe. It would be great to have DLRP nearer my home, it's such a long drive or they invent an effective way of beaming.

Otherwise Vienna would be a good spot :P . Short driving distance. :D


i think it was a smart move to place DL in the center of europe and close to a big city too, that would have been my ideas for it and think they chose it very well with France near paris


Apparently a Disneyland on the French Riviera around Marseille and Toulon was on the shortlist. It would of been an awesome place because it would of been set in the hills and have the hot, sunny Mediterranean Climate. Plus it's in France (France is a really good country!!) and has great rail links to Northern Europe. Unfortunately they couldn't do it, I can't remember what reason. It was something like the ground was too hard to dig into and build on.  :cry: