indiana jones ride- own idea. BEWARE! ENORMOUS SPOILERS!!!!!

Started by david, June 03, 2008, 12:55:19 PM

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i was watching indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull and i couldnt stop thinking how perfectly it could be adapted as a theme park attraction.

This contains HUGE SPOILERS and will ruin your appreciation of the movie if you haven't seen it yet.

This ride is an elaborate 'blue sky' idea that probably has hundreds of flaws. The ride could be in the big empty space in adventureland beside indiana jones et le temple du peril.

The vehicles are based on the amphibious vehicle used in the movie and starts off on dry land with a nice cruise through the jungles, passing the occasional ancient structure or statue and animatronic animal and even the fridge lying in a smoldering crater. Soon however, a jeep containing animatronics of Dr Spalko and several Soviet soldiers roars past, Dr Spalko standing and brandishing her sword as the two vehicles pursue one another at high speed, bouncing over bumps and through vegetation.

The Russian's vehicle then swerves off to one side and vanishes into the trees (where it loops round to meet the next ride vehicle) moments after, the guests' vehicle bounds over a log and lands in the middle of a clearing filled with ants' nests- The Russian vehicle is seen being attack by thousands of ants- one man is on the floor being consumed and Dr Spalko is hanging from a tree branch. Ants pour out of the mounds and head straight for the vehicle (this could be done through some amazing technical effects- which only disney would now how to accomplish).
The ants reach the vehicle- but instead of attacking you, the car begins to gently rumble and is carried forwards by the ants. The ants carry the car up an incline at the top of which lies a river. The car roars back to life escaping the clutches of the ants and drives into the amazon river.

The car meanders through the water- through the trees there is the occasional movement and if you are quick you may spot a native spying on you. The current slowly speeds up and you realise why- the car is heading straight towards a waterfall! sure enough the car drops down the fall and splashes at the bottom- but wait; there is another drop! -splash- and another!! this third drop however, spirals down as it descends, diving straight through the cascade and into the lost city itself.

The car slows down as it passes countless artifacts and huge mounds of gold- an enormous door opens and the car enters the final room. BEWARE! MASSIVE SPOILERS! the crystal alien skeletons sitting on their thrones surround the car as it draws to a stop in the centre. The one directly in front slowly comes to life as the walls behind them break apart to reveal their ship. The ship then begins to spin anticlockwise as the ride vehicle spins clockwise- faster and faster. A bright light shines above guest's heads and huge fans try to suck guests into another dimension. But the car roars once again and drives straight for the crystal aliens, but instead dives through a hole in the wall that opens for only a second. The car races through the ruins as they fall apart- finally reaching the safety of the jungle- after narrowly missing falling rocks etc.

The car then gently brings guests back to the station- where they exit

good eh? but over the top, long and expensive to build- but it could be done ... perhaps.... maybe..... possibly. Let me know what you think


Where's the fridge?!


=D> A great idea! Yes, it would cost a lot but it could probably be done. But I must say that I agree with Lordofthemightybeasts:

QuoteWhere's the fridge?!


I'm not a fan of your idea I'm afraid.

I love Indy and I think it would be amazing for a new ride based on the film but like some parts of the film, it just won't work. I think if there was to be a new Indy ride it should be based around a whole new adventure. Don't forget the amount of adventures we never get to hear about. I also think if DLRP was to ever get another Indy attraction it should go in the Studios somewhere, two Indy attractions in Adventureland could be too much, it would be better for a new ride in Adventureland like something loosely based on the Jungle book or something else thats new.

Or if you are still desperate for a new Indy attraction in Adventureland why not have some massive Aztec ruins or something that you can just explore, along the lines of the caves in Adventureland.
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There we go- ive added the fridge  :D


I aggree with the previous post, I think the studios would benefit more from Indy!

What about an Indianna Jones Stunt show, like in Hollywood Studios, but base that on the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

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there is a plan somewhere on the internet (ive seen it in several places) of a clone of Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye in the space between temple of peril and pirates of the caribbean. Indiana Jones was apparently intended to be built in two phases; first temple of peril, then forbidden eye. Im keeping my fingers crossed for the plans to go ahead- it'd be WAY better than any show and what could be better than an indiana jones land within a land!?


Quote from: "davidrsykes"There we go- ive added the fridge  :D

Apologies if I'm not looking properly, but where? :?:  :?  :!:


i've done it as a sort of easter egg bit at the beginning bit in the jungle


Aaaah! I see! Brilliant!


I agree with David... To those who believe the Indiana Jones Adventure belongs in the WDS -- I very, very strongly disagree. From a PowerPoint perspective, yes, the Studios needs it more than the Disneyland Park. But imagine the surroundings, the build-up.

In Adventureland, the ride would be in a far, hidden point of a jungle. An overgrown temple would serve as the entrance. Jungle sounds fill the air. The experience would be immersive, complete, starting almost at the beginning of Adventureland.

At the WDS, the ride would be in a sound stage. Next door to another sound stage containing something that has nothing to do with Indy. The build-up would not involve a jungle, but a bunch of props and film cameras.

Now tell me which one seems more "Disney"? Furthermore, at TDS, both Indy attractions are side by side, and I don't think anyone is going to say that park isn't good enough for Paris.


I would love to see Indiana Jones Adventure in DLP, and can only see one place for it; Adventureland. It would fit so perfectly within the lush jungle-type plants of Adventureland!

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I wish dlp would get the Indiana jones adventure