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Started by Patrick, April 28, 2005, 12:38:02 AM

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Yes me again well we have explored many things but now to explore the most lit of all with over 20,000 light bulbs we endeavour into the magical world of the classical famous Main Street Electrical Parade!
From the blue fairy to the Cinderella ball every one of these timeless floats will be remembered as the most beautiful of all electrical floats, Main Street Electrical Parade being the first ever night time parade shown in Euro Disney on the 12th April 1992.

As it parades down the unforgettable parade route especially at night then you become so excited when in sight of the Blue Fairy, she towers over everyone and wishes everyone a wonderful evening.

Of course no Disney parade would be complete without Mickey and Minnie, so along they came chuttering in their train that pulled the big drum sized Main Street Electrical Parade sign.

Along appeared Pinocchio after as you saw the Circus clown representing that circus camp that Pinocchio and his classmates run away to in the movie.

After the big clown face which I have to say I find quite creepy :lol: came the star Pinocchio, sitting on his stool waving to everyone.

Toadstool's and insects were up next which I believe was based on Alice in Wonderland.

Big swan with little children swans came down Main Street in a flock one after each other.

After all this wonder appears the wonderful cavalcade of Cinderella with her beautifully lit up carriage, see this and the brilliant clock tower showing it is Midnight and time for Cinderella to leave the ball!

Appeared next was the great Hippo all lit up and nice and moved down Main Street.

From Robin Hood next we see King Richard as he swings on his Royal Carriage float.

We now come to the last float of course the wonderful Pete and his pet Dragon :D

Well of all nighttime parades this has been to every Disney Magic Kingdom park around the world at one point in time, never can any parade beat this record for how loved it was, all over the worlds are die hard fans of the fantasy the spectacle can display.  However not just that also the most addictive theme since It's a Small World was created, "Baroque Hoedown" literally captures the magic of all these wonderful floats throughout the parade.  Afterall how can you say you did not like this parade it had all a parade has and more, really this was and still is a type of tradition for many Disney fans all over the world to see.  I have seen this parade 3 times and still will deeply cherish every memory from seeing this cavalcade of light, overall one of the best parades of all and deeply remembered.
The magic in Paris may well have ended in 2003 with this parade, but the magic shall continue to glow and fascinate all over the world in Disney's California Adventure and speculations that Paris's Main Street Electrical Parade has gone to the latest Disney Magic Kingdom park , Hong Kong Disneyland.  We may see this parade leave, but the night time spectaculars all over the world show how great this parade was and if it were not for this then we would not be seeing such beautiful parades as "Fantillusion" in Disneyland Paris, "Spectromagic" in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, "Main Street Electrical Parade: Dreamlights" in Tokyo Disneyland and also the 2 versions of the show which does not move but is great all the same, "Fantasmic" which is performed in Disney MGM Studios Park in Walt Disney World resort and Disneyland in California.  So I say goodbye but thank you to Main Street Electrical Parade.
Well I hope you enjoyed reading that and will come back next week with something different will tell next week :wink:.


Thank you again a great review Patmagic.  

I've told this many, many times, I don't like the MSEP.  It didn't have interactivity with the guests, the soundtrack was too noisy and annoying for kids and the floats looked a bit, well... old.  

That's why I just adore Fantillusion:

1) It has an actualy story
2) I prefer the symphonic soundtrack
3) Lots and lots of interactivity

But those are just my thoughts.  Anyone else?  

Thanks again Patmagic!!!  8)


Great review again!!!

Jorien  :D

Sweet Laker

Well, allthough i like Fantilussion very much. I do miss MSEP. This was the first parade i saw when i visited DLRP. The tune is still wandering around my head and still gives me the 'real' Disney feeling. (MY real Disney feeling offcourse). So i do miss MSEP when i return to DLRP, because it gave me a nostalgic feeling.

But i do believe Fantilussion is a worthy (opvolger... Dont know an English word for it.. lol )

Nice review btw ;)


successor  :wink:


Thanks for putting that review together, Patrick.  :wink:

I have to agree with Raptor though that Fantillusion is far better.  Whilst I really did enjoy MSEP, I enjoyed Fantillusion so much more.  There's just something about MSEP that for me makes it very unattractive and hostile, whereas Fantillusion is beautiful and welcoming...

I'm very glad we have Fantillusion now, but then it's good DLRP had MSEP for all those years aswell - it's kind of a major part of the life of every Disney magic kingdom park.


A very good review Patmagic!! Thank you !!
Though I have to agree with raptor1982. I didn't like the MSEP too. As I first saw it I just thought it's nice but , yeah it looked old and for me a bit too old fashioned. It just still looked like a parade from the 70's. And the music was so annoying, it was getting on my nerves. Sorry, but I really do prefer and love the Fantillusion. As my brother and I saw it last year for the first time we really had some tears running down our faces, because we were so fascinated by this parade. This is what I call real Disney Magic.  :sorcerer:  :D  The only thing I liked at MSEP was that there were some Characters  and themes who you do not so often see in the parades.  :)
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


I fully agree with Raptor1982: Fantillusion 2 the top ;-)


i really liked it, the music i thought was good, it sticks in your head. The snails however that wizzed around did freak me out a bit when i was little, they came to close to me! :maleficent_bounce:


I thought it looked rather naff