Jungle Cruise

Started by lilcharlie, September 15, 2007, 09:03:47 PM

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Jungle Cruise is deffinatley one of the rides me and my dad miss from Disney World in Florida! Im not really sure why but i absolutely loved it but it was great how everyone could enjoy it. Its pretty likely that this attraction will never come to Disney land Paris but it would be awesome and im guessing they would have abit of trouble squeezing it in. It would probably be a huge and pricey build! Any other jungle cruise fans!?


There's much space in Adventureland. So that should not be the problem.
BTW: In Hong Kong Disneyland ( which opened in 2005 ) there is a Jungle Cruise and it's a very large version. So the idea is not too bad.
But I think it's not the best attraction that Disney has created.


Im a huge JC fan but i think it wont come to paris :( this is because once DLR opened many spin offs of the jungle cruise appeared in europe and this was i believe one of the reasons why it never appeared in DLP :(

still wishful thinking if it does come to DLRP :)
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Isn't there a Jungle Cruise movie in production? Seems like a great time to bring a modernised version of the ride to DLRP.


I don't want to disappoint anybody, but there's very little chance that there will ever be a Jungle Cruise in Paris.
In the '80s the imagineers of Euro Disneyland replaced this attraction by an Indiana Jones rollercoaster + adventure ride. The Temple of Peril came in 1993, Indiana Jones Adventure wil be there in 20??
Unless they radically change their original plans (which will NOT happen!), there won't be a Jungle Cruise in Europe.

Remco K.

Disney's Jungle Cruise rides are mainly focused around the jokes made by the skipper.

At DLRP we have the everlasting language barrier, making the The Jungle Cruise a not so perfect ride for our European Disney park.

So why have they build a version of The Jungle Cruise in the Asian Disney Parks? Because most of their guests or from Asian countries anyway.


Agree with Remko, the multi language guest scenario of the Jungle cruise and the interaction of the skipper as a stand up comedian basically would make this an hard ride to pull off in DLP.

Though I agree its one of the most beautiful and classic rides and has a certain pure Walt nostalgia about it. Perfect when ridden at night as well durning EMH when you practically have your own boat.
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Remco K.

On the other hand, we don't have to copy the Jungle Cruise from other Disney parks. An unique version of an adventurous cruise deep down the jungle of Adventureland, with a story heavily based on mysterious temples and lost treasures.

Maybe the ride could even partly go through the temple of the 'future' Indiana Jones ride. ;)


QuoteMaybe the ride could even partly go through the temple of the 'future' Indiana Jones ride.
That would be great!
... but too expensive. The financial department of Euro Disney would have serious problems with the high costs to build such a marvellous Jungle Cruise. I think we may be very lucky when we get a 'regular' Indiana Jones Adventure someday.


I'm really exciting about the jungle cruise ride in WDW. I think it's time for a whole new attraction in DLP, altough it will not be a jungle cruise ride.


Keeping in mind the original expansion plan of Euro Disneyland (and the currently open spaces in the park):
- Indiana Jones rollercoaster - opened in 1993
- Indiana Jones adventure ride - will open in 20??
- Storybook Land - opened in 1994
- Beauty and the Beast animatronic show - cancelled and replaced by a live show in Videopolis between 1992 and 1996
- The Little Mermaid dark ride - cancelled - may appear in the future
- Odyssey Restaurant (between Visionarium/Buzz and Autopia) - cancelled
- Discovery Mountain - replaced by Nautilus and Space Mountain - opened in 1994 and 1995

So the next E-ticket for Disneyland will be Indiana Jones Adventure!
Now the question remains: when?
If ToT does very well and if we're very lucky: in 2012. However, at the moment this date is very utopic. But Euro Disney surprised us before, so it's not completely impossible. Just don't hope too much, because right now it's impossible to know for anybody. It might be more realistic somewhere between 2012 and 2017.


And here is the plan for Indy's future adventures...
Just GREAT!!! I'm happy to give up Jungle Cruise for this ride :wink:


Quote from: "dr.jones"I'm happy to give up Jungle Cruise for this ride :wink:

 :D/  :D/  :D/  :D/  :D/  :D/  :D/  :D/  :D/  :D/

I would even give up the current roller coaster for that ride !
That's the "Space Mountain" of the original Disneyland, where everybody wants to go in many times ( as I did on a "queueless" evening in February 2001 ).

But if you want to have "Jungle Cruise" Feeling at the Paris Resort: Visit the Rainforest CafĂ© at Disney Village !  :D