Disneyland Paris Park Model

Started by Javey74, June 27, 2007, 04:18:29 PM

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I've often wondered if any of you fans out there have built a model of the park itself, updating it as the actual park changes.

I know what you are saying, you would need a very large open plan floor area to build it, Much bigger than an average house space.   When they built the model for the real park, it looked as though it was built in part of an aircraft hanger.

But I suppose if you really scaled it down it may just be possible.

I know fans have built models of the floats used in the parades, even the fantallusion ones, putting little battery powered lights within the models, clever stuff.

I'm just curious if anyone has attempted a model of the park :?:  :?:



this would be a great idea in lego :stitch:
just like alice you\'re in wonderland


Quote from: "treble"this would be a great idea in lego :stitch:

i have ALOT of lego but i dont think i have enough to make disney :P
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Yeah that would be a lot of lego.  I was also wondering if you can get a model of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.  I've never seen them at DLRP :?:

Imagine a model kit of the castle, brick by brick  :wink:


my daughter tried once and did about 6 rides. she and my nephew also had a go in knex :D
it would be a great collection if lego a collection as with the star wars collection and slightly off topic-they should do famous football grounds :hercules:
just like alice you\'re in wonderland