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This is a different spin on the idea and need of some big nighttime event in WDS - first of all the name is not the final - just to tell what it is about.

Disneys Broadway Experience

It will be placed where we all believe Soarin' would fit in - this place will finally get its Theatre District placemaking. Here will be a complete and working theater with the inside being a replica of New Amsterdam in New York.

The entrance hall will be filled with REAL props - mainly - from London productions of Disney Musicals but also other european productions (France Lion King, Germany Hunchback and Denmark/Germany Beauty and the Beast). During the day this will serve is a museum much like Art of Disney Animation - this will just tell the story of Disney on Broadway and the transformation from screen to stage. A part of the museum is the opportunity to go backstage on a working Broadway production - you will get to see how the lights are controlled, how the stage is working and you can even stand on the stage and see the theatre as the actors see it.

Then at 4-5 the museum will close and the magic is about to begin and now for the part of the attraction that I'm still wondering how to do, so I have two ideas here:

1. Every night at 7.30 the latest Disney Broadway production will be on. This is the full version and you will have to buy tickets in advance to attend the show - the park will be open during the show. This is a more controversial idea since you have to pay for the tickets for a show inside the park, but on the other hand it could prove to be a way to make some more money...

2. Three times a night a big scaled Disney Broadway show will play (duration 45 minutes) - this will feature highlights from Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Tarzan and The Little Mermaid. It will not feature the Disneyland version of the characters but the versions from Broadway and Londons West End. This show will be included in the park ticket and the park will be open during the shows. You will have to get a ticket during the day - just as you had to do with The Legend of the Lion King.

The next day WDS is ready to show the day of a Broadway Theatre once again.

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I must say I love the Id for a Broadway/ West-end theater with a Disney musical in it. Preferably a musical exclusively to DLRP. Just Like Aladdin in DL and Nemo the musical in WDW. I totally can see this happen, even the 'extra' ticket prices, The Novomundo show did pretty ok the first two years in Disney Village...

How ever showing the guest of the park the backstage of the theater is hardly an experience. I mean, I love the ID (if I got it correctly) that the 'back door' would be inside the WDS park, and that there is a tour. Its just not very 'Disney' like to give just a tour. If you have a look at the Idol Experience, in DHS, where guests can participate in the show by auditioning or even voting for those less daring (or talented  ;)  ). Just a tour is not enough experience for Disney...

Maybe guest participation ' Someone could play a small role in the show like I dunno a butterfly in the lion king or some specific fish in the little mermaid. Not a huge part just one or 2 lines and a song to background vocal (They can kill the mic if the guest is a bad singer... And to ad more flair to it all:  on a big (LED) billboard at the front of the building the picture of a guest that would 'star' in tonights production...