The Legend Of The Lion King - Ends Jan 4th

Started by Anthony, April 15, 2005, 11:31:08 PM

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When you wish upon a star


so we dont need to get tickets then?


What's going on with The Legend Of The Lion King on the official website's calendar? Is it not being performed much this month, or have the monkeys (or maybe mice, is that more logical?) who run the website just forgotten to list it for lots of days? ... &year=2007

Either way, it makes things annoying for a poor fansite owner. :x


This was excellent the other week when I saw it. It was on the day I got the VIP tour. I was allowed to go in and sit down before anyone else, was taken to reserved seating which was right in the centre of the arena / audience, and which didn't get very crowded and fill up at all.

Then at the end of the show, Simba came around and shook hands with everyone in the reserved seating area. You were really made to feel like a celebrity / special guest.



Hi everybody,

I have a short video sequence from the medley of the lion king show from  June this year. I´m searching the name of the actor who has played Scar. I like Musicals and with his name i can search if he has played in other Productions out of Disneyland. Here is the Link, i hope it is allowed:



Have'nt seen the show for real, yet. I have seen bits and peaces over the internet


Looking forward to this again at Christmas.. So I take it the pre show tkt system has now been scrapped, that could make it tricky on busy days (Like christmas)
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Yes, it's gone.

Also interesting to note that most weeks the show isn't presented on Mondays and Tuesdays any more. Don't blame them really, it must be so expensive.

Still a fantastic show more than 3 years on. Always think about it when I see that grumpy Craig Revel Horwood on TV...


Hi All,

I note that "MR ENTERTAINMENT" over on the forum at DLP.INFO ( See -> ... 2334&page= ) is saying that due to budget cuts the Lion King show will cease by the end of September.

Anyone know anythng more / confirm or deny this?.




I'll listen around.  It seems a bit far stretched, but not impossible.  Maybe it'll become a summer season show, like Tarzan La Rencontre?


Quote from: "ICHAPMAN"due to budget cuts the Lion King show will cease by the end of September

I have a friend who goes every January and I know she would be so upset if it ended or became a summer season event as she is in love with the Lion King show, I hope it's just a rumour for her sake. It will be interesting to know if it's true or not. :?
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I hope it's not true  :(
The resort needs this kind of shows especially during low seasons in my opinion.


This seems a little far fetched, I just hope it's not true, as he also states that cine folies will be gone, surely not :? , after dlrp having such a good year, and bringing in these little streetmosphere shows on main street and fantasyland they surely can't get rid of two of their best bits of entertainment.

ford prefect

At the risk of upsetting anybody:

I am not questioning MR ENTERTAINMENT's integrity, however in the past his "source" has proved inaccurate.

Sometimes ex cast members cannot let go of the magic and try to stay "in the loop" with rather sad results.

I will wait and see more accurate info from current cast members.

Sits back and waits for the usual rebuff from MR ENTERTAINMENT :lol:  :lol:
enjoy yourself, it\'s later than you think!


Grandmath speaks out about this news on Disney Central Plaza.  He says the show will become a seasonal offering (like Tarzan) but that won't happen before next year!  It will however be compensated by the large amount of shows during Mickey's celebration year.