The Legend Of The Lion King - Ends Jan 4th

Started by Anthony, April 15, 2005, 11:31:08 PM

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Her name is Hope Augutus and yes she's great, but the other one, Irene, is fantastic too. The medley looks ffabulous when they give the maximum of their voice! I love this show!
Hug it out bitch !


Kinou: do you know if Gino still is part of the cast?


Quote from: "Kinou"Her name is Hope Augutus and yes she's great, but the other one, Irene, is fantastic too.
I thought she was Hope... she was in the West End production of "Ragtime" before she did LOTLK.  I'm still surprised to this day how they managed to get all those singers with such impressive CVs (like Roger Wright, Gino Emnes, etc.) ...and then of course find more new singers of their own who are equally as talented.  :D


Quote from: "flor"Kinou: do you know if Gino still is part of the cast?

Gino was the first to leave the show last year .. ALAS because he was one of the highlights with Roger and Anastasia!
Hug it out bitch !


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I need some tips for getting tickets

(a) What time should I go for tickets if I am interested in the show which starts at 14:30?
(b) If i do not find tickets, can I take tickets for the next show or I have to wait in line again?
(c) How long should I wait in line if I am there on Christmas Day?


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How or where do you get tickets for this show? Everytime I've been to DLRP, I've missed the show and it's annoying!


Aha! I can help you here martha as I have been researching this for our next trip! (Yes, I know i dont go until October :roll: )

Good Old DLRP Magic ... elionking/

Maybe someone who has seen it can give us a bit more advice :D

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I like the medley at the end of the show , the come back of Scar and Simba singing a part and Nala and Rafiki I like that part.


Could anyone confirm that tickets are no longer needed to see TLOTLK? :) I read this a few days ago on DCP, sounds like the new attractions and other entertainment have finally lowered the crowds.


When I was there the 1st till 6th of July tickets were still needed to see the show... dunno what happened after that date...


They hand out tickets at 11 am if I remember correctly. Get there about 10 minutes early, the queue is around the back of Le Visionarium, to the side of Star Tours (Behind the queuing area where the sail barge style sails are to the back of the X-Wing).


But I think, if the members of DCP are correct, tickets are no longer needed as of 14th July! You just show up about 20 mins in advance like every other show.

Can raptor1982 or anyone confirm? :)


Mixed feelings - in some ways it's a good thing because you're not messing around queuing for tickets, but it could be a bad thing because you might not be guaranteed getting into the show if you turn up just before it's due to start. I hate the way they herd you into queues on some attractions and leave you standing for 20 minutes or so. DLRP is bad enough on the feet, without being left standing for 20 minutes to half an hour. Last March, I picked up my ticket and then just went back 5 minutes before the show was due to start. It might not be an issue if the crowds are not as big, but it concerns me a little bit.


well July 11th we needed tickets and I got 5 of the last 7 for the 2.30pm. Previous trip a couple of years earlier we got to q for the show and a CM came to a point before us and advised all to stop quing as no chance of getting in. FOlks were quing 60min before show. No tickets will surely see a return to that?

PS - while enjoyed finally seeing legend of lion king, personally think Tarzan is better, and the kids thought Winnie the Pooh was the best (also first time we have been able to see that).