Meet and greet after Stunt Show

Started by Rachel84, September 03, 2011, 03:55:01 PM

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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has done this or know if it happens...?? Whenever we go during the summer season (pretty much every year!) it doesn't happen (we've waited, just to see) I assume because the shows are so close together but does it ALWAYS happen during the winter/spring months??

I was just wondering because a few of my friends have pictures of their kids with the stunt men...all sort of taken around winter...Has anyone else done this? Is it after every show? There are only a couple of shows a day outside of summer aren't there?  :?

I'd just be interested to know as we are planning to go back in February and my son would love to have his photo taken with them!


We met them after in August 2009, but not this past August as we rushed out - though they were doing them when we were there (last week of August :) ) We also saw them doing the meet and greet in November - but I think it's a case of how long they have between shows as the summer season had an 11:15 show and they were not doing it then, but they were after the 2:15 and 4:15 show - though I know they have a cut of point when the line gets too long  :)


Oh I had no idea they did them during summer!  :(  Did you know beforehand they were doing that or did you just wait around?  We've waited around before and just left when clearly no one was coming out. Saying that we do usually see the 11.15 show.....

Do they ever advertise when the meet 'n' greets are happening?


have never seen it advertised at all, it's just an announcement at the end saying if you want your photo taken with the stunt drivers, they will be available after the show and they are in the bottom left hand of the arena and there is usually a little queue :) I think it's hit and miss, but hopefully you will be lucky!! :D