The Legend Of The Lion King - Ends Jan 4th

Started by Anthony, April 15, 2005, 11:31:08 PM

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This is the general topic for everything about the show, which has now been announced to end (likely for good, although we're not entirely sure) on 4th January 2009.

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What is your favourite "Legend of the Lion King" moment?

I've just watched both the Photos Magiques and my own videos of The Legend of the Lion King all the way through, and after seeing the show in person once and probably over 50 times in video form, I'm still totally in love.  It's just simply the second best thing to ever happen to Disneyland Park (after Space Mountain  :wink: ), and has so many little details and hidden touches that make the repeat value unlimited.  From the little jokes by each of the lead singers that have gradually crept in as they've got used to their roles, to the funny little acting moments from the dancers, to just about every single second of the 30minute masterpiece!  :D

So what's your favourite part of the show?  Perhaps the booming "IT IS TIME" announcement and when the logo appears on the water curtain?  Or maybe the ending when the cast line up and strike a pose with their arms in the air as the audience never fails to give them a huge round of applause?

SM:M2 might be 2005's big new thing, but 2004's still lives on and keeps getting better!  :D

BTW, surprisingly I haven't been paid to say any of this - I really do think the show is that amazing!


Well, I don't have a favourite part in the whole show, I just like the whole thing.

But my best memory, is the one of the AP premiere.  Imagine Videopolis crowded with thousands of fans like Baloo ( :wink: ), it's very very overwhelming and heartwarming.

Sweet Laker

I did like the show too. The show itself is beautifull, the way the actors perform is, for what i know of musicals, good and the lightshow is outstanding, but the minor thing i didn't like is the fact it kept on going and going and going. And i did not even see the whole show, as i rushed in 10 minutes late.  #-o

But leaving the durance of the show out of my judgement, then i must say: Yes, they did a great job on performing this show. And i might go see it an other time when i am not leaving the parc within the hour and when i have total attention for the show. Maybe i wont dislike the durance of the show then  :)

By the way, respect for the lead singer i have seen at the end of the show the 13th of April, i liked her performance!  :D/


The best part is the Medley Celebration, that's THE moment when the cast shows their skills, when they performs at their max! The remix of the songs are great and that's the part of the show which ends it, but in a very Broadway elegant and taking way, tat's a big cause of why i love the show so much!
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The 'Love scene'. Can you feel the love tonight is such a nice song in my opninion. And then all the 'stars in the sky on the scene. Just so marvellous. And if those 2 lovebirds fly around .... So emotional ;-)


Quote from: "flor"The 'Love scene'. Can you feel the love tonight is such a nice song in my opninion. And then all the 'stars in the sky on the scene. Just so marvellous. And if those 2 lovebirds fly around .... So emotional ;-)

I don't really have favourite part of the show. But indeed i have to say that i like that scene too, with all the little lights. But also the fighting scene is great, i have to say i like the whole show. The decor is so great, it amazes me that they can do so much with lights and things that it looks different everytime. A great show! Very well done!

Jorien  :D


Quote from: "Jorien"But also the fighting scene is great

Yeah!  The Simba/Scar fight is just incredible.  So well choreographed and the slow-mo effect is just unbeliebeable.  If someone told you they did part of the fight in slow-mo then you'd imagine it to look really cheap and rubbish, but the actual effect is brilliant.  Just a subtle lighting change and some excellent movements from the actors and it looks so believeable.

I also love the way Scar parts the water curtain at the start of that scene, and the Faux-Fire effects are amazing aswell.  It's also enhanced a lot if they have some dancers flying around behind the water curtain aswell.  There's just so much going on in that scene, and with the excellent new version of Be Prepared it really does make the show - though the Final Celebration is great aswell.  As Kinou said, it lets all the performers really show off their voices, and the reaction from the crowd is always brilliant.

Quote from: "Jorien"The decor is so great, it amazes me that they can do so much with lights and things that it looks different everytime. A great show!

Again, yes!!  The lighting is just breathtaking for a theme park show.  I think it perhaps even surpasses the London show.  Not just the way they manage to change the setting with a few projections and lighting changes, but also things like the singers having their own spotlights really take it above the normal Disney show level.  Of course, the fibre optics are great aswell, always seeming to make the audience go "woooooaaahhh!" at the start.

I also love things like how they have waterfall effects on the screens during the opening, and fire during the fight.  And projections of jungle plants above Pumbaa's hole for Hakuna Matata.

And of course I can't forget the feathers flying out when Zazu flies in...  :D

I'm guessing you've all got the point that I like this show a lot now, so I'll end this post there!  :lol:


:) My favourite part of the show is actually the extras...I love how, depending on what animal they are, they dance differently. Eg, the antelopes were jumping around gracefully like ballerinas, and the rhino and the boar were charging and stomping like rugby players! :P


I'd just like to say congratulations to "The Legend Of The Lion King", which is celebrating its first anniversary today!  :D

Thanks to all the cast and crew and everyone who has worked on the show for an amazing year of magic - without doubt the best in the resort's history in terms of park entertainment!

 =D>  =D>  =D>


Similar to the new SM:M2 event, there's now an organised Legend of the Lion King event which businesses can book.  It includes a special exclusive performance of the show plus an African-themed event/meal in one of the convention halls afterwards...

There's also a video for it with lots of cool show footage! ... /video.htm



'The Legend of the Lion King' was our favourite show (along with 'Tarzan') when we visited DLP last month.
I didn't realise we had to queue for tickets until we tried to get in to watch the show! Nevertheless well worth the 45 minute wait in the blazing sun for the 4:15pm show - just wish we could have found the time to see it again!


My favourite has to be the finale as well. I love it how Rafiki ad-libs each time I see it. My July trip must have had the most hyperactive Rafiki ever as she was swaying all over the place, going "wooooooooooo!" all the time and her expression was a picture. She loved being on stage and gave 110% for sure. Shame the old actress was a better singer  :wink:

The pace of the finale is insaine too and I love it how each performer is so "in character" all the time! Even their pushing, shoving and playful hitting is cute and fun  :D
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Have you got or can you find a photo of the Rafiki(s) you've seen?

I saw this Rafiki at Christmas:

She's incredible.  Such an amazing singer, and like you said about the one you saw, she gave it 110% and much more.  Simba and Nala had to practically push her off stage at the end because she was still jumping up and down!  :lol: Does anyone know her name by any chance?

I saw most of the show in July, and the cast wasn't nearly as good.  Simba wasn't singing quite right and Rafiki wasn't as good as the other one.


QuoteI saw this Rafiki at Christmas

She's the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Quote from: "raptor1982"She's the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeeaaaah!!!  :D

Go Rafiki! woot! woot! woot! *cheering* *frantic clapping*  We need to start a fan club...  8)