[own idea] Monsters On Wheels

Started by 15MagicalYears, August 24, 2007, 08:09:13 PM

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This was a simple idea of mine which led to drawing out plans!

Ok I will start my speech.

Monsters On Wheels

Look here comes Sulley, Mike and boo in there own "Monser" truck!


This idea is like Disneys Character Express with Sulley, Mike and boo having a Meet and Greet at the end.

It is lively and exciting.

Basic Monster Truck idea

This is the height range to the truck, and Chicken little is just classed as a guest(tourist).

Well that is basicly my idea!
It would more likely be in the studios.

Any questions, just ask  8)


nice idea but will it catch on????
Working xmas 2012!!! \":D\"


I wash just thinking,
This would have been alot more popular if MI was just realesed :(