[EDV] Halloween Halloween: A Look back in time!

Started by Patrick, September 27, 2005, 02:56:14 PM

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yes I am finally back writing this thing lol, today topic is Halloween Halloween of 1997! :)
Disneyland Resort Paris has celebrated Halloween since 1997, no doubt this was because it was the 5th anniversary and also they probably wanted another season to make sure people arrived at those gates and they did not continue year after year to be empty till Christmas after Summer.  
At the beginning in 1997 halloween consisted of a few decorations in Frontierland, though the name for the land for the season was born as Halloweenland.
Also a few activities were available such as pumpkin carving and trick and treating.  However 1997 also introduced a horrorific look to the Mark Twain with the introduction of the Phantom Cruise Line.  Main Street also got a bit of action with the new premiered "Halloween Happening Parade", where you met your favourite villains and saw witches, skellingtons and Zombies on carts, with a whole host of evil dancers, this parade took place twice a day as the entrance and exit of the villains everyday, once at 11am when the villains would parade between Town Square and Halloweenland, and at the end of the day back again.

Photos from DLP.info

Also this year fully invented what we now know of as the Halloween Party Nights in Disneyland Paris, with fireworks, villains and lots of fun and spooky things to do, maybe even dress up :wink: .
I shall each week reviewing each year by year of Disneyland Resort Paris Halloween, don't expect i won't be back :P .


Great idea Paddy!  I can't wait for the other articles.  :lol:  :)


Oh look what's the laugher for, what you think I won't get this idea finished like everything else I have had sometime in my mind for the euro disney vault :lol: .  Well your wrong cos it's coming tomorrow, where I may do 3 years since not much happens until 2001 - 2002ish  :lol: .