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Started by Patrick, April 06, 2005, 06:35:15 PM

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Well yes you all hoped I would not return this week, but you were wrong I am back and with a topic to discuss that I myself love.  For all of you who talk to me on msn you may have already have guessed today's topic for everyone else here's a few lines from the soundtrack.  "Music Playing people dancing children's laughter ringing round the world, hopes are high for a happy tomorrow!"  Yes that is right I am going to be talking about the best daytime parade Disneyland Paris ever had, "The Imaginations Parade".  As we celebrated the millennium Disneyland Paris celebrated a new era, an era that would for the next 1.5 years revolutionise the Disney Parade.  With the parade floats over 5 stories high, the soundtrack brilliant and could not be flawed, and just the whole concept completely exceptional.  We really were given a present and this was it, many other things happened in the millennium celebrations, but this was the best. :D  

This parade literally took you all around the world with all your favourite classic fab5 characters and also Daisy added ;).  Mickey was the start of the whole parade in an overall float showing you the banner up on top of the big balloon saying Imaginations Parade.  This was probably the closest Disneyland Paris has ever come to actually having a title float in a Daytime parade like all the other resorts have.  Before him was all the wonderful Disney fab5 characters dressed in their costumes for the separate continents of the world they represented.  Coming after Mickey was the first of many Miss Countries, such as here we have Miss Asia in her wonderful moving float with loads of cool Asian items on like a dragon going around the bottom of her skirt.

Along we then have the great Asian dancers with their Dragon mini float, which does look rather good, all of these parts added up to make this one section seem all the larger till we get to the largest partr of the section, the Asian float, this was none other than Minnie Mouse as the Asian float.

The next section was the African section starring a whole load of fun African things like the Miss Africa who came with her big long skirt float just like Miss Asia.  Along after came a whole section of African dancers, then we saw the prominent Africa Float starring Chip N Dale.  This used many African things including the odd giraffe on the side.

Oceania was up next starring the beautiful Daisy Duck.  Before we get to her there was Miss Oceania who had a skirt like a bit of the ocean.

After came the great Oceania dancers who use the costumes that are now used by the Little Mermaid dancers in the Princess/soon to be Wonderful World of Disney Parade.  

Daisy Duck was the Oceania float which is one of the nicest of all the floats in this parade.  We see the South America float section coming along starring Donald with his fun South American items.

The 2 last floats are quite fun since these are both Goofy and the other one is Pluto.  Goofy goes about representing North America with his big Statue of Liberty style hat and many more North American artefacts.  This was in my view a nicer of all the floats and depicted so well the whole continent.

Lastly there were the crazy Motzart type dancers in front of what we know as our continent, Europe.

These have always been my favourite of all dancers and who would want to argue that they are not since they are so fun and very welcoming.  Back in early 2000 when they also included stops they danced so funnily to the European music. :D  Then we finally see what is the last and to most of us the best if you like Europe ;).  The leaning Tower of Pisa, Big Ben, The Eiffel Tower and many more landmarks were spotted on this float including Pluto's kilt.

So overall all around the world the sun was shining as this brilliant parade came down the parade route every afternoon at 3pm.  This will always be the best parade they ever had during the day and really was worth it shame it went and the Wonderful World of Disney Parade went.
Really everyone had a lot of fun and even the dancers looked happy all the time guests really enjoyed it, and after seeing it 3 times I can say this will always be my favourite parade ever.

Thanks again for taking the time to read, and unlike usual I will say that since this Saturday is the Re launch of Space Mountain I shall be writing an article about Space Mountain De La Terre A La Lune, so see you then ;).

Also may I just take this time to say thanks to Raptor for the great pics that are shown here apart from the occasional one or 2 of mine such as in this review :D .


Great review again!!!!

I would love to see this parade once, i haven't seen it at all. But i guess that's never going to happen because the floats were too high.  :(

Jorien  :D


Yes very great review! I never saw the parade too, but I guess it was the best. I wished I could see it once again, but we all know that this is a dream which will never come true.  :(  But I still just love to hear the song of it.
So next review will be about SM. Great! I can't await to read it.  :)
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


It's too bad the parade dissapeared so fast... Remember I've seen it a couple of times and really enjoyed it! It was a nice change for WWODP.
But who knows what the future brings... Maybe an even better parade with higher floats. (Keep dreaming...)
Dream your dreams...


This was the very first Parade I've ever seen before during my very first visit to the resort, back in 2000.  (I even filmed it non stop, you can get a copy over MSN, just request it!).


This was my first parade as well, though I wish I'd have made more of an effort to see it now, since all I can remember remember seeing were the tops of the floats from the bridge to the castle.  I don't remember those smaller minifloats at all, and I didn't even see the dancers.  It probably was the best parade Disneyland Park has ever had, and it's truly a shame it had such a short life...  :cry:

But I'll be strong, I'll try and get through this and hope that 2006 will be the year for a brand new parade and a new start for the DLP parades department.  And if it isn't... then you'll find me in WDS watching the infinately-better-than-the-current-WWODP "Disney Cinema Parade".  :wink: Actually, maybe that's why the current parades are so terribly old?  So that people go across to WDS for that parade and then realise the park is much nicer than they expected?  :?  :lol:

So thanks for another great article Pat/Paddy/Patrick (which do you prefer?  :wink: ), and also for *finally* winning me over and showing me how great ImagiNations really was...  :D


Quote from: "raptor1982"This was the very first Parade I've ever seen before during my very first visit to the resort, back in 2000.  (I even filmed it non stop, you can get a copy over MSN, just request it!).

Another video? Where????  :shock:  (Edit: :wink:  :wink:  :wink:  :wink:  :wink:  :wink:  :wink:  :wink: )

You know you can't just say something like that, when i'm around.  :wink: I would love to get a copy of that recording you did. The only thing is........i have no MSN. Is there maybe some other way that you could send it to me??????  [-o<

Jorien  :D

Edit: i've edited some extra smilies because some certain people (you know who you are) are saying that i look really desperate, haha)  :lol:  :wink:


Well it's too big to upload on a server.  Do you use AOL or something else?  Or just maybe you'd better install MSN on your pc...  :wink:


Quote from: "raptor1982"Or just maybe you'd better install MSN on your pc...  :wink:

No, i won't do that. I've got a very good reason for it (rsi). I'm already spending a lot of time on the computer and with msn i know for sure that it will even be more. At the moment it's going really well, but i really have to be careful with the way that i type, and how i'm sitting etc etc. And with msn i know that i just want to type fast and don't look at those things anymore. With email i can type slowly (i have to say that's very difficult) and this way i have it rather well under control.

Okay enough about my medical status.  :wink: I talked about it with Patrick, and maybe he can send it to me when he's got the time. So i think that solves it then. But thanks anyway. And when i have it, i'll post a reaction here okay?

Jorien  :D


I've just seen the video!!! And it looks very good, well done!!! Thanks for sharing it! Now i can finally see why you all find it that impressive. I really wish that dlrp would have let it run a bit longer, so more people could have seen it (like me for instance :wink: )
Why is there a different version used of All around the world? At Some times i can hear more people sing at the same time and i also thought that i heard a fragment sung by a men. But i can be wrong about that of course. But i know for sure that some things were sung differently than in the released version. Why?

Jorien  :D


Yes the parade actually had in my view a better version of "All Around the World", and I have to say I prefer it to just the woman singing all the song.  However I totally do not know exactly why, although I believe it was on the 10th anniversary CD, and don't you just love hearing a man and some children to me that makes it all the better, than just one person actually making it sound like it is all around the world a bit more :D .  I don't get why Disneyland Resort Paris are so pesistant at releasing all the music they create with these parade mixes that are actually used in the parade instead of the normal CD Edit, now just watch Baloo start saying it sounds worse :lol: .


Well Patmagic, you know how much I adore the multi-voice version of the ImagiNations parade theme.   :wink:


Quote from: "PATMAGIC"Edit, now just watch Baloo start saying it sounds worse :lol: .

OK, seriously stop saying I moan all the time!  I think 99% of my posts on here are positive, and if you read the "Your favourite LOTLK moment?" and "Toon Studio" topics you will see me being really over-positive to the extent that it seems like I'm being paid millions to type such good things!  :lol:

And, *FYI* I like the multiple voices version much better than the original aswell, so *ha*!  :P


Hello to all DLRP fans!
I just want to thank raptor1982 a thousand times, first of all because he took this great video that took me back in these magical days of the year 2000, and then because he told me where I was able to download it.
Thank you thank you thank you!!! :D  :D

You are very nice and do a great job with all those videos, that's all really great!!!    :cinderella:
The big difference between raptor1982 and myself is that this wasn't my first, but my last parade I've ever seen on Disneyland Paris, because the Milennium season was the very last time I visited the park.
         :cry:  :cry:  :cry:
I just saw the video a few minutes ago and the first thing I recognised was that "All Around the World" was played in a loop, whith no stops after each time. When I saw the parade on december 31th 1999, which was the premiere of the ImagiNations parade, they stopped after playing one time the song, and then the dancers took children from the audience and danced with them on a music that was typical of the continent they represent (Mulan-music for Asia, classical movie scores for North America, etc.). This lengthened the parade in time. I don't know why they didn't do that the time the video was taken. On the "Wonderful world of Disney Parade" they did that every time.
According to the song, I just can say that the girl who sung it was on december 31th 1999, during the milennium celebration, on the big stage in front of the castle and performed "All Around the World" life. Maybe they wanted to support her as a singer and put therefore the version on CD where she sings alone (I just guess that, actually, I have no idea).
Does anybody of you know exactly the reason why they stopped showing this parade and went on with "the Wonderful World of Disney Parade"?

Greetings from Germany!!!!


Well my personal opinion is that DLP found it cheaper to show the WWODP again, and crush the floats from ImagiNations, which I have to say as the author of the writing above I miss this parade :lol: .  Also no problem for hosting the video, things on my server never seem to dissappear :P .  Also the parade stops, they were taken out never known why suppose it speeds up the parade, and so people don't go and moan to City Hall for having to wait for the parade longer, so yes the Imaginations stops had been taken out the parade by August 2000, although I was able to see them in february 2000 :D , not like today I can remember much since I was 12 at the time and as my age kicks in my mind goes :lol: .  Also lastly the singer her version is on the CD and also is heard in the park to this day when characters come out in MAIN STREET VEHICLES :wink: .  Although the parade version is so much nicer I find than her version.