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Started by nellymarley, August 01, 2012, 06:57:08 PM

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Hey everyone pretty new at posting but have been watching from a distant at the forum for a few years!

Im an experimental photographer mainly in HDR (high dynamic range) and infrared photography. First time taking my infrared to a Disney Park and was wondering if anyone had any specific locals to shoot.

if you don't already know what infrared is heres a picture:

(same place but in HDR just for a comparison on how it shoots //http://nmcaptures.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/DSC09406-copy.jpg)

its very effective on landscapes with foliage as it renders them in a beautiful one colour light (not matter what colour the leaves area) they will all show up as a deep blue (which means i have to flip the colours to get it to look a tad more effective)

But anyway i had a few thought of places such as the Castle with the square trees (pretty standard picture) and a few of Phantom Manor.

i would love to hear your opinions or locations which you would like to see and il make sure il post a link once i return  :D


Possibly around the Pirates of the Carribean ride. :)
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Nice HDR shot...!  I have played around with HDR and love the richness and detail. As you say its uber-effective on landscape shots.

For me, two places spring to mind - its a small world and thunder mountain/phantom manner area. When i was in dlrp last Christmas during EMH, the area around small world was very quiet and you would probably get time to experiment.  

Not so sure about IR.  for me its a bit like tilt-shift photography....  I dont mean to sound dismissive or rude, but both IR and tilt can be imitated with photoshop too easily - i guess i just dont 'get it'!  

Oo..  Just thought  - an early morning HDR shot looking down the lake towards newport bay, or the balloon and water reflection....  

You have got me thinking about carting all my camera gear to disney now!!!


I carted my camera all the way to Disney...only to cart it all the way back again! It was just too busy this time around to get any half decent shots with my pro camera, and I had a 3 year old and a 7 year old with me so couldn't hang around much waiting for the perfect moment iykwim :(  Looking at what I took on the iPhone though the area around the lake looks great especially in the night shots that I took. Also the lighting inside the maze at Alice's Curious Labyrinth is divine when the sun is out and it shines through the leaves. I would have loved to have had my pro camera in there but I think the iPhone did okay (and I was really only taking photos of the kids to be fair  :D) I will post up some pictures in the Trip reports section later on, I just have to sort through the 1000 or so shots that I did take...mostly of our feet by accident hahaha!!


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thank you for moving it :) was a tad confused what area to put it in! i forgot about Alice's Labyrinth specially as its built below so can get some views across it (and from the castle inside). I'm quite lucky that its just me and my fiancé taking a slow anniversary trip there so going to take a lazy trip this year. to be fair the iPhone can be pretty useful, of course its not as powerful or dynamic as a pro camera but it does the job (and i usually use the iPhone for video now since discarding my movie camera to the back of the cupboard).