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Started by Owain, January 05, 2007, 12:41:05 PM

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Hello everyone!

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Pirates of the Caribbean
Opening Date: 12 April 1992
Location: Adventureland
Attraction Type:  Flume dark ride
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Original post by Owain:
At Disneyland Paris Pirates of the Carribean is my favourite ride.
I havnt been to DLRP since the first film came out.
Before the film came out i remember how un-popular the ride was, not that people thought it was rubbish. They just never gave it a chance.
Me and my sister would love it, we'd run through the castle and go straight on the boat. Sometimes wed be the only ones on the boat.

Remember when the queues were like this

Then the films came out, they were a great succsess and then the ride turned into one of the most popular rides in the park and the ride turned in to this !


Same here, i loved POTC from the first trip i made to DLRP!
But i think the ride just got more populair because of the movie.
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Well, the first photo is from the queue outside the building (which is a walk-on most of the time). The second photo is from the boarding area (which is always busy). These photos don't proof anything if you ask me, although I am sure Pirates had a boost in popularity since the movies were released.


Ive queued in the outside queue line many times but then again I always seem to visit when its uber busy.


I was really surprised but when we went in November it was so quiet, cast members were letting you ride twice and even the loading area was empty.


the second time we went which was like 9 years ago we found this ride, and the queues outside were massive and we were waiting for ages but then saying that when i went with my school  just over 2 years ago it was about 10am and we walked right in and got straight on a boat, i guess you could say we were lucky; but i think the popularity has obviously increased.


I really love this ride.
The very first time i came in a friend said 'what the hell is this? we are walking and there's nothing! soooo boring attraction, nevermore guys.'
but whe we saw the water *________________*


When i went in 2002 me and my sister just ran threw the castle no queue at all and we were the only ones on the boat and the ride operators said to us if we wanted to go on again ! we were like " YEAH ! ! ! "  :D

But now when i go in march the ride is aparantley realy popular, does anybody no if this ride will be packed during march ?


Yus! POTC is my fave ride in Disneyland, always has been. I remember when we went to DLRP last year a group of young girls went on before us expecting to see lots of Jack Sparrow stuff, they were very disappointed when he wasnt anywhere, cos this was before he was making character appearances too. Me and my partner chuckled at them..Noobs :P
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Quote from: "Lozzie"Me and my partner chuckled at them..Noobs :P

Yeah, it's always funny feeling superior to other guests :P

But Pirates was ridiculously busy when I last went(mind you, it was a Saturday)- out to the entrance with all the queue extensions included. Thankfully, it's a people-eating capacity monster. :D


Brilliant ride and fantastic realistic models used !
Spoilt the magic when I watched the Prates of the Caribean 2 behind the scenes !


Quote from: "lofty"Spoilt the magic when I watched the Prates of the Caribean 2 behind the scenes !

Just watching Pirates 2 spoilt more then just magic for me. :(


So when i go to DLRP on March 2nd will it be a big queue ? :?


Owain - We've never queued for more than 20 mins or so. If you are there at the weekend it might be busy but if so, go straight there when the park opens. Anyway, because it's continuous loading, the queue moves really quickly.
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Owain, side note about those photos.  They were both taken at the same time.  You just need to know when to queue for POTC to avoid crowds.  That's it.