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Started by Patrick, April 20, 2005, 09:00:23 PM

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Mulan La Legende is where I venture this week, welcome to the world of China and Mulan.  Thankfully nothing to do with Mulan2 included in today's report :wink: .  So we all know the story of Mulan she goes to be a woman and a perfect girl to be the perfect wife, however she knows something is wrong, so go home, father then gets called up to fight the Huns, she goes in his place disguising herself as a man and then saves China etc etc etc.  
Well have you seen it on stage and even better as a Disney production, well it was in Disneyland Resort Paris from 1998 to 2002.  Shown in the Videopolis this was a daily show that brought what is a futuristic 19th century world into Chinese culture.  The show started with the Huns doing acrobatics on the stage and also well the whole show was acrobatics.  Well after the Huns leave we see the great Chinese plate spinners and Mulan on the stage along with We'll make a woman out of you oplaying.  This really is nice and oriental in so many ways and makes you become to actually like watching plate spinning :wink: .

Now Mulan comes out as a warrior she had gone in place of her father, then Mushu appears does a back flip and many others things, well here we are finally at the training camp with a girl worth fighting for in the background playing.  Also they are flipping through hoops, and now the best song of all appears I'll Make a man out of you and we see more pole acrobatics.  Appear in the Huns after the trainee soldiers have gone.  Mushu plays a big role in this show and evens stars in many of the acrobatic stunts.  Celebration scene starts with 3 gigantic dragons and some more Chinese dancers, and if you have seen the movie the Huns do not go away without a fight, so they get one.  The Huns are finally defeated, so as a finale we see more dancing and flag waving.  Overall this was a great show even with no talking and just mimics the movie quite well, and can be said as one of a great amount of thought and some budget gone into it to create such a wonderful show and experience.

Well hope you enjoyed reading my shorter than usual report and see you again next Wednesday when I shall be exploring the world of magic and light with a whole load of Disney Characters that make up the Main Street Electrical Parade.


Great review, once again Patmagic!!!  :D/

Mulan was the first show I've ever seen at a Disney park.  And that happened actually by accident, when we grabbed some fastfood at Videopolis...   :lol:


Great review! Yes, that was my first show too.

Jorien  :D


Too bad back then I only had a stupid camera, not even a digital one.  Otherwise I could have gotten much more and better pictures.   :|


It was my first show aswell!  Unless you count 4 minutes of watching Winnie the Pooh from the back of the seating area as a "first show"...  :D

Thanks for the review Patrick, it's interesting how little there can be seen of Mulan La Legende compared to the huge amount of photos/videos/info available for LOTLK, even though they were only 2-3 years apart...  I've got my own video to remember the show by anyway.  The Photos Magiques photos are good.  I think the fact that they're a bit dark and obviously not digital makes then seem a bit more special and adds to the look of the show aswell.

It's not my favourite DLRP show at all though... it's hard to follow if you haven't seen the film and seemed to keep going on and on at the end...  :wink:  The acrobatics/training sequences were very good, however, even if the plate spinners perhaps took the theme a bit too far!  :lol:


A nice review again! I haven't seen the show, although I was at DLP in the time the show was playing. But I wasn't so interested in it, I'm more a fan of Disney shows which tell the story of the movie in a kind of musical. My first show was Beauty and the Beast, which was played before Mulan. I'm very curious about the next coming review.
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"