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Started by Patrick, April 13, 2005, 08:52:27 PM

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Wow am I really back another week, god this is starting to get addictive writing so much :P.
Well as I promised a Space Mountain De La Terre A La Lune article so here it is.  I suppose we all know this story well, but do you really?
Lets start with the easiest known fact to man, it was based on Jules Verne's novel "De "La Terre A La Lune", or "From the Earth to The Moon" if you are English like me and you can't stand reading French since we don't understand it, though nothing wrong with the language don't start blaming me.
Verne's novel tells the story from the earth to the moon, yes it does, but that is too simplistic, and if you know me I like things a bit more complex, so here's more, the Baltimore Gun Club is a major role, as is many things like the Electro-Velociter.  The Baltimore Gun Club as some who have read the novel will know are the group of people wanting to make them the most known people on the Planet and also out do the Europeans, so they decided on this expedition since they had no wars to fight.

Well yes I can hear you thinking this is not a history lesson get on with it, and so I shall.  Such items were dreamt up by Verne like the Cannon Columbiad, I mean how nice that is considering it is just a piece of roller coaster prop.

Blasting up it is of course the wonderful trains we all know and love, with a little different detail to today's Space Mountain it has been for the past 10 years, however the initials DM stand for Discovery Mountain which was the name of attraction during the planning stage and even construction stage, we even still see DM around it today when it is Space Mountain Mission 2.  

Next as you walk through the queue you notice many items, but the one that stands out and is the scariest one well not actually an object, just a cool thing, this is of course the star way, you actually get to walk through Space now if the screams and the rattling of the moon train moving past is not petrifying enough, you can actually see it move in a corkscrew around the star way queuing area.  
Well as we delve further into the queue we do see the Electro De Velocitor which is the srea where the train comes to block breaks and you rerun to the station which also uses nice dark lighting effects.

Well we have got this far wow what a lot of writing, well as we get nearer we hear the most annoying announcement of all time even in my mind more annoying than Alton Towers Spin ball Whizzer announcement.  This is of course WARNING, WARNING, WARNING Space Mountain is a roller coaster type ride in the dark, I'm sure we know how the rest goes ;)

Now me move onto the green rooms where we see all these wonderful artworks including a diagram of the Cloumbiad on the wall, and many other things including lamps that look like planets.
We are now there ready to get into the trains, yes you are finally there.  The anticipation has always for me anyway grown while standing up at the top of the stairs wanting to walk down them to the trains, however look at all the glorious details in the station alone, sure its cold on a freezing day, but the French flags which I still don't fully understand if it is based on an American adventure.

Now finally sat in your train the cast members put out their hands and you are now moving with the nicest and most popular ride music ever blasting into your ears.  Here you turn, duck and get you're on ride photo taken; now you're up the middle of the Columbiad and stop, listen for a bit, then a blast that could be heard all over the park was there as well as you shooting straight up the Columbiad.

Straight down into the mountain and here you are now in outer space on your journey to the Moon.  Zoom past asteroids and stars all over take 3 corkscrews in the mountain and you will have the best time ever.  All this and more in the mountain literally made it the best ride in the Universe for a whole decade from 1995 to 2005.  

I would just like to thank Raptor again this week, 1 not only for the pictures but also for allowing me to create these articles, I have to just say how much I enjoy spending my Wednesday's writing them, so thank you again.  May Space Mountain De La Terre rest in peace.
See you next Wednesday.


=D> Again a great review Patmagic!!!  I'm looking forward to your next one!

And maybe I can solve the mystery of the French flags...
Those are actually the American colours.  They use the same ribbonsand stuff overthere for election days etc.

An example:


Ah right I get it, cos I thought they would have used white stars too, but obviously they have their flags sometimes like that I suppose me and my thinking aloud :wink: .


Another great review!!!  =D>

Jorien  :D


QuoteAh right I get it, cos I thought they would have used white stars too, but obviously they have their flags sometimes like that I suppose me and my thinking aloud

Most French probably didn't know that either.  :wink:  :lol:


Very nice review once again!  =D>  I got very excited too when entering the loading area. And I think thois will still be so now with the new SMM2.  :wink:
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


great review!!! ;-)


I miss the soundtrack and the moon already...  :cry:   But when i'm riding Mission 2, I'm forgetting about them for a few minutes...  :wink:  8)


Thanks for the article!  I forgot to say thanks when I read it before, sorry!  :wink:

I learnt one new thing at least (something quite major aswell) - that the book is set in America!  I never knew that!  I really should get hold of a copy, is there a special Space Mountain version available?  I seem to remember you saying you had it, Patrick...?


Thanks for all your comments, oh cool people don't know all about the book then, woohoo now if only I got round to finishing it :P .  Well since you asked here is the From The Earth that is in English well obviously  :wink: , http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASI ... 19-9631031


Thanks for the link!  Will the copy I get if I buy that definately be the SM one?  Otherwise I'm not quite as interested in buying it... lol

And is there anything in that version of the book actually relating to SM, or is it just the logo on the front?


Yes Baloo this version of From The Earth To The Moon has some referneces to Space Mountain in, including a whole load of pics and some promotional ones at seperate parts during the book.  Also it includes a Verne's timeline which even goes up to 1995 when Space Mountain De La Terre A La Lune was built.  I do believe that WILL be the version you will get if you buy that copy I have linked to.  Glad to be of help again :wink: .


I'd like to point out that this is a cut-down version of the Jules Verne story.  It's more a juveline version.  But it does contain pictures and information about Mission 1.