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Started by Patrick, March 30, 2005, 04:23:46 PM

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As I have now finally decided on what to base this week's article on here I go with it.  As we delve down Main Street to Central Plaza, straight through Le Chateau de La Belle Au Bois Dormont without looking around, then past Le Carousel De Lancelot, then travel all the way to the bridge where you go under the Disneyland Paris railroad in Fantasyland, we then see the once nice windmill ride, Le Pirouettes du Vieux Moulin.

This windmill opened in 1993 and was created because there was a lack of Belgium and Holland influences shown within the European Fantasyland.  This was a very simple attraction, but added some charm to the area of Fantasyland where before there was none.  The attraction was a nice Ferris wheel but with a twist, it was themed wonderfully just like a lot of things in Disneyland Resort Paris.  You rode in buckets, not the normal carriages and also looked exactly like an old time windmill.

The windmill sadly closed due to lack of interest and was probably unreliable.  Now we see a prop of its former self and a cafĂ© called the "Old Mill" on the other side of this once wonderful attraction.

This does also today stage as a prop for Belle's Christmas Village with presents in each of the buckets each year.  Sadly not much is known about Le Pirouettes du Vieux Moulin than lastly this attraction was based on the 1937 award winning cartoon feature "The Old Mill", also it is uncertain which year this attraction closed for the last time.  So again hope you enjoyed reading this however short it was, and I'll see you real soon, maybe next week. :wink:

The Old Mill in Walt's Silly Symphonies
Source: Toonzone.net


You know, once in a while this attraction opens suddenly.
I remember some time ago (don't ask me when, have no clue), we had a walk in Fantasyland and suddenly two castmembers went to Le Moulin and opened it.
This was the only time I've ever seen the attraction open (and tried it)
Dream your dreams...


Yeah thats why I said that it is uncertain when it closed since I also had that in account but most of the time is closed and has never been open when I have been there sadly.


And another good review!  :wink:

>there was a lack of Belgium and Holland influences shown within the European Fantasyland

Like we only have mills in Holland. :roll: We also have other buildings, really!  

Jorien  :D


Yes, you have the Efteling......  :lol:


LOL!  :lol:

Yes that's true. But i haven't visited it that often as Dlrp.  :wink:

Jorien  :D


Great review tnx!  I wonder you can see backstage from the mill?

PS. This topic makes me release I have to take more pictures of the old mill...  :wink:  :idea:


Excellent review!   =D>

I'm quite glad that Les Pirouettes was never open when I've been in the park, since I'd have had to go on it and that would have meant a horrible 4hr wait or something, since I heard it really wasn't the best crowd-guzzling ride they've ever created.  And so, because of that, I'm really quite glad it's gone.  I doubt any of the other Fantasylands have such a big, well-themed "prop"...  :D


Again a very nice review ! So after I read it I'm just a bit sad that I never tried it. But it's looking very beautiful. Is there any chance that you can see the backside of the mill from around it? It's a little pitty they don't use it in any way just for the snack bar.  :?
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


Good news everyone!  I've FINALLY replaced the old pictures by new ones and added a few other ones too...

Check them out: