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Started by Anthony, July 29, 2007, 09:10:12 PM

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Hmmmm, well don't be so cynical. Disney are currently reviewing.  If the numbers are good this year and next, they are looking to put together a new finance package with 2 attractions for DLP and 4 - 6 for WDS.  Plus there is still the planning for 2 partner hotels and Village expansion.

As Baloo said, who would have guessed we would have seen as much growth as in the last 10 years given the financial situation.
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QuoteCould you find a little spot for Muppetvision 4D, please ?
No! :lol: BUT - One thing I do regret about this plan is not being able to fit the Muppets in there somewhere... If they're successful at bringing them back, they can go next to the Studio Tram Tour station in a new Muppets Studio with a Great Muppets Movie Ride. :wink:

Well, I can live with a GMMR  :D
Unfortunately, I think GMMR will end up in DPS Orlando.
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This is brilliant, why couldn't disney have thought of this rather than creating a studios park that wasn't as popular?

I love the pizza planet idea, but I think on the ground floor, create the arcade from the movie, even with a rocket shaped grab machine filled with LGMs :D

My only problem is that I love the reign of fire set, and if they took it out to put a new star tours in I probably wouldn't agree with it for a while, but I'm pretty sure I'd get over it.

Also, if a large percentage of a expansion like this was completed by 2012 for the 20th, it would give another excuse to go
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Quote from: "dlrpdudette"This is brilliant, why couldn't disney have thought of this rather than creating a studios park that wasn't as popular?
Again - apart from some serious flaws, I do believe that Imagineering did a good job.  After all stuff such as Tower of Terror were on the plans from the beginning.

Just remember - as I already said before - Disney was forced into building the second gate to make sure they wouldn't loose the property.  Combine that with a virtual bankrupt company, and you get what the studios are now...

Don't misunderstand me - there is LOTS that ca be done to make it better, but I strongly believe that the management under Karl is doing a GREAT job at the moment (the entire Toon Studios area is terrific,and so will behollywood boulevard soon!!!)

Justcut them SOME slack, and have a but of patience - it will all turn out great :)
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I totally agree with you Speedpacket!
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It really would be fantastic if this really happened it would make the studios so much better,
I only hope that we don\'t lose sight of one thing,that it was all started by a mouse[size=150] Walt Disney

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this idea is incredibly realistic. maybe not today, maybe not by 2017, but maybe by dlp's 30th anniversary