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Started by RiverRogue, December 28, 2010, 07:35:52 PM

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I'd heard about plans a while ago, but it was done sooner than I expected -- the Rapunzel tower in Storybook Land has been replaced by the tower as seen in Tangled, featuring the figures of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

While I personally slightly preferred the previous version which was more whimsical, I'm positively surprised that they'd spend money on a "detail" such as this, as it's not one of the most visible show scenes...

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Wow, that's a nice change, and really out of the blue! I'm impressed by it, a nice addition of Tangled into the parks than some of the more recent changes (I'm looking at you Wall-E!).

There does seem to be a gap underneath it, I guess for the waterfall?
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shame the ride is hardly ever open for people to see it, but a lovely addition all the same :-)


Yes very nice. Additions like this are far more likely to get peoples thumbs up as they have a 'fairytale' connection, compared to the 'bizzaare' Pixar stories :lol:


Wonderful little surprise. I agree that the old tower had its charm (although I'm only now seeing the hanging counterweight), but this is consistent with the other showpieces that have seen a Disney film about them. And it's nice to see that Aladdin doesn't eternally have to be the most recent film to be referenced in Fantasyland.


Well done DLRP! I wouldn't have thought that DLRP would spend money on such small details. Hopefully they continue this way.
I think it looks better now.


Great little update! I really like seeing Flynn (a.k.a. Eugene) climing the tower :thumbs:
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The new tower looks really nice :)
A great surprise update :D
I only hope that we don\'t lose sight of one thing,that it was all started by a mouse[size=150] Walt Disney

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Here's a 1080p HD video I shot of the ride last year. At 0m:33s you can see Rapunzel's Tower, on the left. Later on in the video at 3m:25s, you can see the tower again, on the right.