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Started by Patrick, March 23, 2005, 06:24:32 PM

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Welcome to my first review of many reviews about the attractions and anything that has gone from Disneyland Resort Paris, even since it was called "Euro Disney".  In this review I shall be talking about the attraction which I believe is the most missed by any Disneyland Resort Paris fan.  Le Visionarium, this was as we all know the time travelling attraction that took us through the ages with the audio animatronic Timekeeper and nine eye.  We meet people such as H.G. Wells and Jules Verne on our time travelling expedition, even the sets are real locations in the movie "From time to Time".  This was probably the nicest attraction that Disneyland Resort Paris had in its park.  The attraction attracted many yet it still was closed.  Inside the attraction building were 2 rooms, the waiting room where you could look around and see many nice objects including a miniature model of the submarine Nautilus featured in the 20 thousand leagues under the sea movie.  The detail of this whole area was astounding considering it was just a waiting area.

This was though what Disney is all about splashing money on a brilliant overall experience and not just a ride with a little theme.  Le Visionarium was after all the life force of Discoveryland which told the story of the land and really did interact with the audience and taught many what the whole land was about.  The main cinema room was practically just a round room with screens all over the walls and everyone would stand in the centre of the room this enabled people to turn around when the opposite side of the room had something on it that were of importance to the story.

Timekeeper stood at the front of the room where also the time clock was that counted up and down to each year the expedition would take you.  He was so lifeful and really added a lot to the story, and retro futuristic fans like me absolutely just love how he was and how cool he was.  :D

Every time you visited the attraction you were always astonished at how fun it was to be transported to prehistoric times with Raptor's lol roaming to the 19th century and beyond!  Sadly we have had to say goodbye to this attraction and will never be able to see it in Discoveryland again  :cry:

Outside of the attraction we saw the wonders of H.G. Well's and Jules Vernes designs as a tribute, I will always remember these, and have very fond memories of this land imperticular since I seem to be in it more than any others while visiting the park even though it has less attractions than the other lands.  Just all the memories that have been made in this land for me are just brilliant and probably what got me into Disneyland Resort Paris in the first place, thanks to my sister for pointing out that she seems to take in the details of Discoveryland too when she walked past Space Mountain one night in the winter of 2001 and pointed out how cool all the designs are in the land for the exterior of the buildings and have been capsized by them every time since then.  Of course no Le Visionarium report would be complete without mentioning the wonderful Reinastella which was Renault's brilliant piece of imaginary work when they designed their car of the future for a prop in a commercial saying showing a family taking the Reinastella to Euro Disney this actually ended up parked outside Le Visionarium till 2002 when they stopped their sponsorship of the attraction.  I hope Raptor does not mind me showing this pic but is the only decent pic I could find of the Reinasella outside Le Visionarium  :wink:


This was probably the other thing which got me interested cos I love Back to the Future and so love retro futuristic look and so Discoveryland is my heaven.  Well that about explains it all now, hope you have enjoyed reading my review on Le Visionarium and please post any comments or memories about the attraction in this topic.  Overall the attraction I got forced into going to in August 2000 when I wanted to go on Space Mountain more was and always will be my favourite of all attractions anywhere in the world.  Don't forget to come back next Wednesday when I will place another of my gone attractions reviews on here, till then have a good week and always believe in riding with Timekeeper to the future!



Great review!!!!!! And it's so true. I still don't know why they (Renault's fault, i know!  :wink: ) closed this attraction. Okay, the last few times i was there, it wasn't really crowded at this attraction, and it was not an attraction i did everytime when i was at dlrp. But when i did it, i loved it!!! And it's something completely else then all the other attractions, so why couldn't they let it stay? Especially the victorian bit, when they showed these building exteriors (where Jules Verne and Jeremy Irons are on), made me think everytime, about how it looked exactly like the buildings at Discoveryland, like the Videopolis. It's a real shame that this attraction is no longer part of it!!!  :cry:

Jorien  :D


Excellent article!  :D  Are we allowed to speculate about what will be next week's?

Oh, one question: who's that in the last photo?  :?  :D


Yeah if you have not figured that is Raptor1982 in the photo, I think someone has not been surfing this site that well :lol: .  It was practically the only photo of it on the internet, and I have not fully decided on next weeks yet, but you can speculate if you want :wink: .  Thanks for the compliments people, well I now know what I am doing on my Wednesday afternoon's off college :lol: .


Great article!  A very good start, Patmagic!  Looking forward to you next one!

Oh yeah, that's me... A few years younger that is...  :wink:


That's a very nice review. So thumbs up Patmagic! :D  Yeah it's really a shame and so sad that le Vis is gone. It was one of the best attractions in DLP, because it was so special and an experience which you could not make in your normal life. As I could have not visited DLP for five years and went than in 2004 again I was in Le Vis for the last time. I had almost forgotten how great it was. It's so so sad that it's gone and will never come back.  :cry:
So looking forward for the next review next week.  :D
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


I'm glad we (Photos Magiques) had the chance to take some pictures, one month before it disappeared!!


I am glad you had some photos of it or this page would have been all written :lol: .  So thanks again Raptor and Flor for the great pics :D .

PS. Me being very sad finally got to my 200th post or my 6th if you go by my new account without my old posts counted :lol: .


Quote from: "raptor1982"Oh yeah, that's me... A few years younger that is...  :wink:

I thought so!  :D   It's very lucky you took all of those photos while you could - they didn't give us much warning about Le Visionarium, did they?  I seem to remember just a few months of rumours followed by the "closed for good..." message on the attraction closures & info page...  :(