[EDV] What is the Euro Disney Vault?

Started by PAT_MAGIC, March 21, 2005, 08:54:47 PM

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Hello well am sure most of you know me a bit by now.  Well for anyone who doesn't I love history and so have decided to create in depth reviews of things gone by in the Disneyland Resort Paris.  So come here each week to read one of my reviews of attractions, shops, restaurants and even certain hidden details that have dissopeared in the resort since 1992.  After you have read it discuss about the aspect of the resort being discussed in my review, hope you enjoy reading my reviews :D .


Great idea! I guess the first attraction you will discuss, is.....Les Visionarium!  Am i right? :wink:

Jorien  :D


Well you may be right now I wish I could only change the name of this topic :wink: .


Oooo it's all changed!  Well, sortof..!  :D

Welcome to the Moderator team Pat!  :wink: This seems like an excellent idea for a new forum section, and I'm sure you've got just about enough enthusiasm for history to make it work.  :D

Can't wait for that first topic on Le Vis then!  :lol:


Well I think everyone saw le vis coming first, now for the week to work on it, I think car drives will give me just enough time to work on it :wink: .  Always nice to be asked if I want to do something so I offered to do something like this the history obsessed person I am :lol: .